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Era Deploys MSS at Czech Airport

By Tish Drake | March 19, 2007
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Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic launched Era Corp.’s Multisensor Surveillance System (MSS) and automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) services at its new Integrated ATC Center in Jenec, near Prague. Era, formerly Rannoch Corp., said the ATC systems will support the growth and capacity requirements of 2015, but also provide fleet coverage today, while supporting the future transition to ADS-B, with a single integrated system. Era’s MSS system at Prague completed acceptance testing in December 2006. The coverage range exceeds 120 nautical miles and achieved full compliance with the surveillance parameters of the Eurocontrol standards. The accuracy and resolution ability in the Prague FIR (Flight Information Region) exceeds the capabilities of a traditional secondary radar approach. For related news

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