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L-3, IAC to Develop Flight Data Recorders

By Tish Drake | March 9, 2007
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L-3 Communications Aviation Recorders is teaming with Intelligent Automation Corp. (IAC) to supply cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and enhanced flight data recorder (FDR) products for use in the IAC 1249 SuperHUMS, a combination health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS) and CVR/FDR for use in helicopter and fixed-wing markets. L-3 Communications Aviation Recorders, a Sarasota, Fla.-based division of L-3 Communications, said the CVR/FDRs are lightweight, compact, highly reliable and are well suited to the enhanced SuperHUMS requirements specified by IAC. IAC, Poway, Calif., will design, develop, manufacture and field the IAC 1249 SuperHUMS — a patent-pending field programmable gate array-based reconfigurable computing technology. The L-3 AR CVR/FDR is capable of recording a minimum of 25 hours of high data rate flight and maintenance data and two hours of cockpit voice recording in a lightweight, compact memory unit.

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