ATM Modernization

Arinc to Support ATC Services in Asia

By Tish Drake | March 9, 2007
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Arinc Engineering Services, Annapolis, Md., said it received a $485,000 task order to provide engineering, training and maintenance support in Southwest Asia for the Air Force’s TRAPCON (Transportable Radar Approach Control) systems used for Air Traffic Control. The Arinc-supported TRAPCON system is a self-powered ATC system housed in a modified commercial shipping container. It includes workstations, electronics, radar connectivity and communications equipment. Arinc said it also received a $1.3 million order to develop the large transportable Battle Control Center CENTAF (BC3), for delivery later this year. All of the work is funded by Central Command Air Force (CENTAF) under a Navy SPAWAR contract. “These unique ARINC-supported ATC and surveillance assets are the first of their kind — all based on commercial off-the-shelf components and hardware,” said Rick Jenderny, Arinc’s C2S2 department director. “The TRAPCON is the first deployed DoD ATC subsystem to include a modern FAA-certified digital automation system.” Arinc said its Command Control Systems & Services operations in Charleston, S.C., provided engineering and expertise to SPAWAR’s support of CENTAF’s efforts since 2004.

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