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Boeing Selects 747-8 Avionics

By Tish Drake | February 6, 2007
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Boeing selected Rockwell Collins’ suite of displays, autopilot, communication, navigation, surveillance, maintenance, emergency and data management systems for its 747-8 family, which is scheduled to enter service in 2009. Boeing said the key feature of Rockwell Collins’ avionics system is its WXR-2100 MultiScan Hazard Detection System, which it says is the first and only radar that analyzes and determines actual weather hazards, not simply atmospheric moisture content. Boeing said the system reduces pilot workload, minimizes unexpected turbulence encounters and provides weather detection from the nose of the airplane to 320 nautical miles. The display system, featuring Rockwell Collins DU-7001 LCD displays, will be upgraded to include many of the advanced features found on the Boeing 777, such as an electronic checklist with cursor control panel, navigation performance scales and vertical situation displays.In addition, the autopilot and navigation systems will include GPS landing system functionality.Other equipment that Rockwell Collins will be providing includes: Communication Management Unit, Satellite Communications System, VHF and HF transceivers, VHF Omnidirectional Radio, Distance Measuring Equipment, Automatic Direction Finder, Multi Mode Receiver, Mode S Transponder, Cockpit Voice Recorder, Flight Data Recorder, Emergency Locator Transmitter, Flight Deck Printer and the Data Management Unit.

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