Solid-State Relay

Teledyne Relays, Hawthorne, Calif., unveiled the Series S60DC40 commercial DC solid-state relay for switching high-power DC loads. The device features the latest-generation Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET) technology and isolated driver to ensure fast power turn on and off and low power transient. The Series S60DC40 offers output to 40A at 600 Vdc. It provides ultra low on-state resistance, low output leakage current and low control current consumption. Visit

Turn Coordinator

Mid-Continent Instruments, Wichita, Kan., has developed its version of the modernized turn coordinator. The 1394T100-10RB is a direct replacement for more than 6,000 Cessna autopilots in field, while the 1394T100-7B replaces the popular -7Z and most standard 3-pin turn coordinators. Visit

Measuring Meters

Eraser’s WM Series Measuring Meters are designed to measure long lengths of wire, cable, flat cable and other flexible materials used in the electrical, electronic and associated industries. A digital counter records the amount of material measured. Models WMI, WMIG and WMIU measure in feet and inches to 9,999’, 11." Models WMM, WMMG and WMMU measure in 1/10 meters to 9,999.9 meters. Feed wheel material is model dependent; steel, abrasive coated or urethane. Visit

Connector Platform

Onanon, Milpitas, Calif., announced availability of the MultiWise Connector, a technology that combines pins, contacts and blades on a single platform, giving engineers the ability to design greater conductivity and functionality into small-footprint devices.

With the introduction of blade pins, designers can now take advantage of greater conductivity available in more rugged copper and brass alloy blades. Because these materials carry more current, the MultiWise Connector frees up precious space for additional components. Onanon’s manufacturing processes can place SMT devices like decoupling capacitors, resistors and ICs directly on the connector.

Applications include medical devices, automotive and telematics systems, wire harness cable connectors, cellular phones, scanners, industrial controls, electronic instrumentation or any devices that can benefit from increased power density, greater conductivity and functionality in a small connector space. Visit

Wireless Router

Blue Sky Network, La Jolla, Calif., released a wireless Airborne Router for managing wireless and wired network needs inside an aircraft. Using the router, aircraft passengers can share access to Blue Sky Network Satcom data offerings, or plug wired-Ethernet devices into a built-in hub.

The router offers a series of security features, including 128-bit Wired Equivalent Privacy encryption, and supports industrial-strength Wi-Fi Protected Access. Also, pilots can use the router to exchange files with their electronic flight bags. The wireless airborne router meets DO160E EMI, RMI criteria as well as the IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u and IEE 802.11g standards. Visit

Navigation Program

Innovative Solutions & Support Inc., Exton, Pa., offers its Class 3 electronic flight bag (EFB) system, a program the company hopes will reduce cockpit clutter and enhance aircraft efficiency. The full-color EFB will include electronic navigation charts powered by Jeppesen, and applications such as takeoff, en route, approach, landing, missed approach and go-around information. Also, the Class 3 e-charts will display own-ship position to pilots through a digital representation of the aircraft’s exact, real-time position on the runway or in the air. The e-charts are installed in the forward view of the pilot on the aircraft’s multifunction display, and include critical zoom features. Visit

Impedance Connector

Sabritec, an Irvine, Calif.-based manufacturer of high speed interconnect services, unveiled a line of true matched impedance connectors that combine Sabritec’s High Speed Twinax, Quadrax and rugged Hyperboloid contacts for Ethernet, Firewire and Fibre Channel applications. The new line of twinax and quadrax contacts are ideal for blind mate I/O plug in modular applications, board-to-board high speed data transfer applications exceeding 2 Gbits/second, as well as circular and rack and panel connector applications. Visit


Jewell Instruments, Manchester, N.H., unveiled a general purpose accelerometer for industrial, commercial and aerospace applications. The LCM 100 is engineered with micro-machined components. The 0.5G to 4.0G device meets the needs of applications requiring 500G shock resistance and up to 500 Hz bandwidth. Visit

Electronic Flight Bag

DAC International, Austin, Texas, introduced an electronic flight bag system, complying with Advisory Circular 120-76A certification guidelines. The flexible software shell supports digital chart data from Maptech, Jeppesen or Lido. Other applications include a document reader, weather, performance, checklist, cameras and electronic logbook. Visit

Networking Card

Data Device Corp., Bohemia, N.Y., unveiled an air-cooled network access controller (NAC), the FC-75162, which expands the capabilities of DDC’s suite of dual-channel, PMC Fibre Channel NAC cards. Available with copper or optical interfaces, the cards operate in point-to-point, arbitrated loop or switched-fabric topologies.

The FC-75162 is targeted specifically to data management in the laboratory environment, avionics maintenance and testing and simulation, as well as a wide variety of embedded avionics and vetronics applications that rely on air cooling. Visit

Separation Kernel

LynuxWorks, Inc., San Jose, Calif., launched what it says is the first embedded separation kernel with multiple independent levels of security (MILS), on Intel’s Virtualization Technology. This kernel, called LynxSecure, conforms to the MILS architecture, which provides strict guidelines for data isolation, damage limitation and information flow policies. LynxSecure Symmetric MultiProcessing (SMP) and 32-bit/64-bit addressing for high-end scalability. LynxSecure will be certifiable to both Common Criteria EAL 7 and DO-178B level A. Visit

Ethernet Switch

Radstone Embedded Computing, Billerica, Mass., released the GS 24 fully rugged, fully managed standalone Gigabit Ethernet Switch. Featuring 24 10/100/1000 Mbits/second ports, the GS24 is aimed at out-of-the-chassis applications such as the networking of multiple subsystems. Visit

Telephony System

ECS, Franklin, Wis., will develop a system for the retrofit installation of Mobile OnAir in-flight telephony on Boeing 737 aircraft. The contract covers all hardware adaptation, engineering development and management of the technical certification and approval process with relevant authorities. The first large-scale Boeing retrofit will be the installation of the Mobile OnAir system on Ryanair’s entire fleet of 250 Boeing aircraft, with Mobile OnAir service expected to be available to Ryanair passengers from mid 2007. Visit

GA Vision System

Kollsman, Merrimack, N.H., introduced its General Aviation Vision System (GAViS).

GAViS enhances a pilot’s ability to fly an aircraft by providing increased visibility during periods of low visibility, such as night VFR conditions, in an intuitive and easy to use way.

GAViS consists of a single component system packaged in an aerodynamic enclosure and is designed to mount like an aircraft antenna on the top or bottom of the aircraft. This mounting concept minimizes aircraft modification requirements and eases certification complexities by requiring no additional fairing or window to be purchased and installed. GAViS is appropriate for both retrofit and forward fit applications. Visit

Enhanced EFB

Paperless Cockpit’s E-Board XP3 electronic flight bag (EFB) is optimized to view full-screen approach plates at near-paper size without cluttering the flight deck. The E-Board XP3i builds upon this platform with enhanced processing performance, increased storage capacity, standard-equipped direct sunlight viewability and updated communication capabilities.

The enhanced model preserves the original "convertible design," making it a versatile platform for use inside and outside of the cockpit. Equipped with a 1.1 GHz Pentium M processor and 1 GB RAM, and housing powerful connectivity and expansion options, the E-Board XP3i zips through graphics-intensive and data-base driven information. Visit

Power Controllers

Ametek Aerospace & Defense, Wilmington, Mass., launched its Amphion Solid-State Power Controller (SSPC). Amphion combines the function of a solid-state circuit breaker and a relay into a single device that provides circuit protection and the ability to remotely switch power to devices, monitor load voltage and current, and relay data on performance trends and prognostics. Visit

VLJ Antenna

Sensor Systems has developed a new VHF antenna for the Very Light Jet (VLJ) market. VLJs are jet aircraft weighing 10,000 pounds or less and certificated for single pilot operations. Although these aircraft are in the size and weight class of the single-engine piston markets, VLJ speed and altitude performance requires antenna protection from lightning and P-Static environments. Sensor Systems has developed a new line of VHF antennas with these requirements in mind. The S65-8280-41 VHF antenna provides the performance required for these environments. The lower profile, all-metal design eliminates problems with P-Static and damage from direct lightning effects. Visit

Passenger Briefing System

Flight Display Systems, Alpharetta, Ga., introduces a passenger flight briefing system, featuring audio and video capabilities. The company said the new system is a follow-up to its Moving Map cabin entertainment and information system. The new version adds Cockpit Controller, which allows pilots to initiate the audio and/or video briefings within the aircraft cabin, including safety, takeoff and turbulence announcements.

The Passenger Briefing and Cockpit Controller is a small, one-inch DZUS rail-mounted LED display with six buttons for pilot control. The new system also adds a XM Satellite Weather information feature, which the company said is the only passenger information system to provide real-time weather conditions relative to the aircraft’s position. Visit

Flight Simulator

Quantum3D Inc. and Sensics Inc. are partnering to create a range of fligh training and simulation applications. Quantum 3D, San Jose, Calif., will supply its Independence Image Generator (IG) Solution and Sensics, Baltimore, will supply its piSight 150 Panoramic head-mounted display (HMD). The companies will ensure compatibility between Quantum3D’s Independence family of advanced IG products and Sensics’ line of panoramic, high-resolution HMDs. Visit or

Multi-Chip Modules

Aeroflex Plainview released a new series of high-performance multi-chip modules (MCM) packaged using COTS Printed Circuit Board (PCB) construction. Designed to implement the MIL-STD-1553 protocol, the MCMs are a complete MIL-STD-1553 Bus Controller (BC), remote terminal unit (RT), and bus monitor (BM) terminal.

The modules contain dual low-power transceivers, complete BC/RTU/MT protocol logic, a MIL-STD-1553 host interface unit, and an 8K x 16 RAM. Using an Aeroflex standard dual low power transceiver (ACT4463-FP), standard status and control signals, the CT2553-PCB simplifies system integration at both the MIL-STD-1553 and host processor interface levels. The CT2553-PCB transceivers use +5/-15 volt supplies. Vist

News Service

ARINC and Virgin Atlantic Airways launched a live text news service for use aboard Virgin Atlantic flights. The service, developed by ARINC, in collaboration with the airline and Inflight Productions, Sky News, and eFlyte, provides news, sports, weather and entertainment headlines in an all-text format, updated hourly. Visit

Wash Lighting

ELW35, Emteq’s new low profile compact wash light, incorporates high intensity, surface mounted LEDs, multiple dimming options, improved aesthetics, use of advanced phosphor technology for better performance at warmer color temperatures and constant current control for consistent light output. Visit

Fiber Optic Core

A fiber optic core from W.L. Gore & Associates, Elkton, Md., survived 50 million rolling flex cycles, a milestone that enables fiberoptics to be used in robotic applications giving video and motion control applications the option of switching from copper interconnects to fiber. Visit

LED Display

Sandel Avionics, Vista, Calif., will begin offering FAA Part 25 supplemental type certification (STC) for its LED-backlit SN4500 EHSI (electronic horizontal situation indicator) enabling the new system to be installed in corporate jet aircraft. The modular, LED-backlit SN4500 may now be installed by authorized Sandel dealers and installation centers in all qualifying turbine- and piston-powered aircraft. Visit

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