Data Loader

AIM recently introduced its EasyLOAD-615A, which allows avionics developers and engineers to perform target data loader operations over the communications ports on the company’s avionics full-duplex Ethernet switch (AFDX)/ARINC 664 interface modules and via standard Ethernet network. Data loader operations are performed in accordance with ARINC Report 615A-1/2 and ARINC Report 665-1/2. The EasyLOAD-615A can manually or dynamically find/snip target end systems and configure the target’s identification information, communications parameters, 615A data load protocol, and trivial file transfer protocol (TFTP). Available for Windows 2000/XP, the software will allow the simultaneous execution of multiple data loader operations with multiple target end systems. For troubleshooting and historical purposes, the EasyLOAD-615A can log client/server communications during data loader operations. Visit

Navigator with Weather

Garmin International has introduced its GPSMAP 396 portable navigation device with XM WX satellite weather. It gathers weather data from next generation weather radar (NEXRAD), meteorological aeronautical radio code reports (METARs), terminal aerodrome forecasts (TAFs), temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) lightning and winds aloft. Pilots can customize the system’s map display to overlay XM WX data over Jeppesen and topographic databases or display weather on an exclusive weather page. The GPSMAP 396 also will display traffic information service (TIS) data when interfaced to Garmin’s GTX330 Mode S transponder with data link capability, and can channel frequencies with the touch of a button when interfaced to the SL30 nav/com radio. It offers terrain alerts and has a built-in obstacle database. The unit includes Garmin’s GXM 30 smart antenna. Visit

DA Converter

KineticSystems, Lockport, Ill., recently announced a new digital-to-analog (DA) converter card, the CP266, a single-width, 6U Compact PCI/PXI module with up to 64 analog output channels. With 16-bit resolution and +/-10 volts full-scale output range, the CP266 is designed for engineers and scientists choosing to stimulate devices under test for the automatic test equipment (ATE) market. In addition, the power-up state of the analog outputs can be set to independent, user-defined values to provide non-zero voltage settings on application of power. Visit

Media Cartridges

Heim Data Systems Inc., Belmar, N.J., has introduced recording media in removable cartridges for D-series airborne recorders. The cartridges are available with hard disk drives, solid state drives, tape drives and a PC flash memory card slot. They are interchangeable in single or multiple recorders, allowing users to select from the various versions. The media cartridges have a total system data rate of up to 256 Mbits/s and can replay data in the host recorder or be removed and transported to a ground station for replay and analysis. They are available for D200-, D5000- and D7000-series recorders. Visit

Network Access Cards

Data Device Corp., Bohemia, N.Y., has announced the next generation of its FibreACCESS Fibre Channel network access card. The cards’ new design is based on field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology and is conduction-cooled. These network access controller cards are suitable for various embedded avionics applications, such as sensor interfacing, multiprocessor and digital signal processing arrays, radar systems, display systems, serial backplanes and storage. Visit

Message Processor

The HI-6110 from Holt Integrated Circuits, Mission Viejo, Calif., is a single-chip complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS), 3.3-volt Mil-Std-1553 message processor. It is an integrated circuit designed to implement the Mil-Std-1553 data communications protocol between host processors and dual-redundant data buses. The protocol device includes onboard dual-redundant transceivers, a Mil-Std-1553 message-level protocol engine, Manchester encoder/decoders, and on-chip data storage for single message buffering. Visit

GPS Landing System

Universal Avionics Systems Corp., Tucson, Ariz., has received a technical standard order (TSO) for its GLS-1250 GPS landing sensor system. When interfaced with Universal Avionics Systems’ flight management system, the GLS-1250 receives GPS differential corrections from Special Category 1 ground stations and allows for SCAT 1 precision approaches. Visit


QuickLogic Europe, Chertsey, UK, has introduced military temperature versions of its Eclipse II field programmable gate array (FPGA). The FPGA operates at a temperature range of -55 to 125 degrees C and was designed for military applications such as navigation and flight controls, data recorders, weapons systems and military communications equipment. The plastic packaging also allows for customizable solutions. Visit

Data Recorder

VMETRO has added to its family of VORTEX data recorders the high-speed (385-MBit/s) VORTEX CompactPCI. The new recorder introduces a new name for the VMETRO’s family of data recorders and adds to other preprogrammed and customer-programmable units. VORTEX data recorders are based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components and open standards such as VME, CompactPCI, PCI/PCI-X, Fibre Channel, Serial FPDP (front panel data port) and FPDP/FPDP II. VEMETRO is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and has offices in Houston, Texas, the UK and Singapore, Visit

UAV Sensor Package

Crossbow Technology, San Jose, Calif., has released ?NAV, a miniature air/ground vehicle sensor package. It is a calibrated digital sensor system and servo control board designed to serve in navigation and control applications for robotics and radio control aircraft. The ?NAV’s sensor suite includes accelerometers, angular rate sensors and magnetometers for inner loop control applications. It also includes static and dynamic pressure sensors for airborne control and a GPS receiver for navigation and path planning. The servo driving hardware connects the remote control servos directly to the ?NAV for software control. Visit

Flight Planning Service

Honeywell now offers its Web Flight Planning service for business aircraft operators who choose to create and file flight plans using a personal computer connected to the Internet. It requires no special software. The service offers weather reports for departure, destination or alternate airports with the click of a mouse button, the company says. Pilots can choose to have the system automatically create a flight plan that is optimized for best fuel efficiency or shortest flight, based on current wind information. Visit

VME System

Thales has unveiled its EasyG5 dual-G5 VME system. Built from the IBM Power Architecture, it features two embedded PowerPC 970 microprocessors and is intended for avionics and military embedded applications. Visit

Switch Matrix

Dow-Key Microwave, Ventura, Calif., has announced its newest CANbus-based solid state switch matrix with an RS 422 control interface. It comes in full fan-out configurations from 32×32 to 32×64 and performs from 3.4 to 4.2 GHz. Visit

RVSM Solution

LJSC Ltd., Wichita, Kan., now offers its reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) solution for the Lear 24 and 25 aircraft. The system uses Innovative Solutions & Support line replacable units and incorporates Mach switches. Visit and

Reference Book

Leighton Collins’ aviation classic, Takeoffs and Landings—the Crucial Maneuvers and Everything in Between, is available in print from Avia tion Supplies & Academics Inc., Newcastle, Wash. The book, which details techniques needed for critical phases of flight, is available for $19.95. Visit

New Service

Phoenix-based White Electronic Design Corp.’s electronic contract manufacturing service is now available. The company will manufacture circuit board assemblies, complete box builds and offer test services for OEMs, using build-to-print and design-to-specification requirements. Visit

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