Navigation Receiver

New digital signal processor (DSP) -based LORAN receivers available from Locus Inc., Madison, Wis., provide simultaneous tracking of up to 40 LORAN transmitters with overall signal-to-noise improvement of at least 20 decibels (dB), compared with conventional receivers. The units incorporate adaptive filtering, digital noise blanking and DSP techniques. Visit

Fiber Optic Gyro

KVH Industries, Middletown, R.I., has introduced the DSP-3000 fiber optic gyro, providing tactical performance in a small, low-priced, modular, multi-axis design. The company claims that the DSP (digital signal processor) -based design virtually eliminates temperature-sensitive drift and rotation errors. Visit

Training Software

Avidyne now offers PC-based interactive training software for its FlightMax EX500 multifunction display. Pilots can "fly" user-defined flight plans with the EX500 trainer and retrieve actual data-linked graphical weather and temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) along the route. The software is downloadable free of charge from the Avidyne Web site: EX500Training.

Ethernet Switch

Dy 4 Systems, Kanata, Ontario, has introduced its SVME/DMV-680 "SwitchBlade" Gigabit Ethernet switch. The VME form factor, conduction-cooled, non-blocking, full duplex switch can scale up to 24 ports of wire-speed performance in a single VME slot. The SwitchBlade allows system integrators to make high-performance, chassis-to-chassis, board-to-board or CPU-to-CPU connections over Gigabit Ethernet. (CPU stands for central processing unit.) The base card comes in either a 12- or 20-gigabit Ethernet port configuration. Visit

Signal Conditioner

PCB Piezotronics Inc.'s Electronics Division has released the Model 482C series sensor signal conditioner, which works with both ICP and charge-output piezoelectric sensors. The product is available in one-, four-, or eight-channel configurations. The 482C provides keypad control, dot-matrix display, and optional RS-232 computer control setup. Visit

Data Loader

A new data loader for Honeywell's FMZ-2000 flight management system, the DL-950, uses a memory device with universal serial bus instead of diskettes. Honeywell claims data loading with the DL-950 takes only five minutes, instead of the 45 minutes or more required with the traditional data loaders, which must be fed six to eight diskettes. Visit

AC Surge Protector

Atlantic Scientific, Melbourne, Fla., now offers its ZoneDefender PRO, an AC surge protection device with a small footprint: 8 by 2.25 inches (20 by 6 cm). It provides protection with current ratings from 80 to 240 kiloamperes (kA) and between line to neutral, line to ground, line to line, and neutral to ground. It includes filtering for radio frequency and electromagnetic interference, as well as a built-in audible alarm. The ZoneDefender PRO uses metal oxide varistor (MOV) technology and DPHW fusing. Visit

Data Bus Software

Ampol Systems Inc. has introduced Version 2.52 of its dataMARS recording, monitoring, analysis and simulation software. The update includes an Ethernet interface and enhanced reporting engine. Engineers can monitor and record data transferred over IP, TCP and UDP protocols via Ethernet. They can map engineering unit elements, both in the packet headers and payload data. In addition, the reporting engine now allows multiple reports to be generated in a batch. Visit Mil-Std-1553 Products

Max Technologies Inc., Greenfield Park, Quebec, has introduced a new family of multi-remote terminal (MRT) Mil-Std-1553 hardware and software products for PCI, CPCI, VME, PXI and VXI platforms. The solutions feature extended bit rate (EBR) with Mil-Std-1760 capabilities and IRIG-B support. Other features include microsecond precise transmit and receive time tags, error injection and detection capabilities, short and long stub connection support, variable-voltage 1553 transceivers, flexible status and interrupt flags, and a fail-safe timer. Each module provides simultaneous support of 62 remote terminals, two bus controllers and two bus monitors, as well as 16 data input-output ports and optional ARINC 429 channels. Visit

ELT and Antenna

An emergency locator transmitter (ELT), operating at 406 and 121.5 MHz, has been introduced by EMS Technologies, Ottawa. The 406-1 ELT, weighing 2.1 pounds (0.95 kg), has a six-year battery life and an optional internal GPS interface. Included with the ELT are a remote switch, whip antenna and integrated buzzer to alert crews of accidental activation. It was designed for a variety of aircraft operators, including small aircraft owners. Visit

Enhanced Vision System

BAE Systems has developed an enhanced vision system (EVS) that combines radar, infrared sensors and low-light-level TV for pilots to see through dust-outs, smoke, fog, haze, rain, snow and darkness. The Radar-Enhanced Vision System (REVS) employs a multimode, millimeter-wave radar (the primary sensor) and proprietary sensor fusion technology to enable operations in zero-ceiling/zero-visibility environments. The fused image can be displayed on either a head-up or helmet-mounted display. BAE also can combine the sensor suite with its flight control and active stick technology to provide pilots tactile cues throughout the flight envelope. REVS also can be integrated with BAE's TERPROM digital terrain system, which includes stored digital elevation data. REVS has been tested on a C-130 and is being installed on a C-17. Later this year, it will be demonstrated on a CH-47 helicopter. Visit

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