Primus Epic Certification

Honeywell’s Primus Epic integrated avionics system on the Dassault Falcon EASy 900EX bizjet has received certification approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. The avant-garde EASy (Enhanced Avionics System) flight deck, based on Honeywell’s Primus Epic architecture, is totally glass, including four 10-by-13-inch liquid crystal displays accessible by point-and-click cursors and pull-down menus. The large landscape flat panel screens–designed to put more, integrated information with less clutter–can present moving maps, weather, terrain and traffic, along with artificial horizon displays and aircraft operational information. Visit

Charging Up the G450

Gulfstream Aerospace has selected Securaplane’s BC-1307 battery charger and EnerSys Hawker 45Ah Main Ship Sealed lead acid battery for its new G450 business jet. A Gulfstream supplier since the mid-1980s, Securaplane also has provided chargers and batteries for the GIII, GIV and GV. Visit

CAE Embraer 170 Simulator

CAE’s Embraer 170 full-flight simulator has been approved by both U.S. and European aviation authorities, prior to the actual aircraft’s certification. The Federal Aviation Administration and Joint Aviation Authority have qualified the simulator at interim Level C. Level D approval, the highest level of performance, is expected next year, once final aircraft performance data is available. CAE also is building the first Embraer 190 full flight simulator for JetBlue Airways, as well as simulators for the Airbus 380 super jumbo. Visit

ADS-B Transmitter Certified

Rockwell Collins received the first Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) supplemental type certificate (STC) approval for an ARINC 718A-compatible automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) transmitter installation. The certification is part of Collins’ Gulf of Mexico Advanced Traffic Surveillance (GoMATS) program, in which 13 Continental Airlines Boeing 737-800s are upgraded with ADS-B transponders in connection with FAA’s Safe Flight 21 program. ADS-B broadcasts an aircraft’s position and velocity without having a radar site interrogate the transponder. FAA is establishing a network of ground stations on oil platforms. The GoMATS program will help the agency validate ground system requirements and perform a cost/benefit analysis for commercial carriers. Visit

Affordable Data Link

Wingspeed Corp., Concord, Mass., says it hopes to receive supplemental type certificate approval of its XLLink onboard data link system on the Boeing 727 and DC-8, as well as the Airbus 310, by the end of the Q1 2004. XLLink components include the aircraft communications unit (ACU) and computer display unit software that runs on available electronic flight bags. The ACU is a multimode box with an airborne communications addressing and reporting system (ACARS) data link and Iridium satcom modems and controllers, VHF and Iridium satellite transceivers, a GPS receiver and an eight-port Ethernet hub. Wingspeed is working with ARINC to combine the capabilities of the ACARS and Iridium data communications networks. Aircraft Performance Group and Digital Cyclone so far have joined the project as content providers. Wingspeed’s system also will include a ground-based computing and communications infrastructure. Visit

Southwest Taps Honeywell

Southwest Airlines plans to buy Honeywell avionics for up to 196 Boeing 737-700 aircraft it is purchasing. Southwest has selected, as buyer-furnished equipment, Honeywell’s weather radar, traffic alert collision avoidance systems (TCAS), data management systems, and communication and navigation systems. Southwest has firm orders for 115 airplanes and options for an addition 81, with deliveries scheduled through December 2012. Visit

BAE on S-92/H-92

CsLEOS, the real-time operating system (OS) developed by BAE Systems, will be used on the fly-by-wire flight control system for Sikorsky’s S-92 medium-lift helicopter and its military derivative, the H-92 Superhawk. BAE also is developing the helicopters’ flight control system. The ARINC 653-compliant OS, using hardware memory protection, "provides complete time, space and resource partitioning between the kernel and applications" running on the same hardware, says BAE. Resource availability in both the time and space domains is assured. CsLEOS interacts with applications through an applications programming interface (API). This allows new applications to be installed without having to recompile and rebuild the entire system. Visit

Song Debuts New IFE

Matsushita Avionics Systems’ (MAS’) new eFX in-flight entertainment (IFE) system has entered service with Song, Delta Air Lines’ new low-cost carrier. Song plans to install eFX on the rest of its single-aisle aircraft fleet over the next few months, providing passengers 24 free channels of all-digital, live satellite TV programming and audio programming, as well as a multiplayer, interactive video game. An upgrade slated for the second quarter of 2004 will add on-demand, pay-per-view movies, customizable play lists of digitally streamed MP3 programming, and interactive iXplor moving maps. Visit

Test Bed Modified

Field Aviation Inc. has won a contract to modify a Boeing 707 research and development test bed aircraft for an undisclosed customer. At its facility in Toronto, Field Aviation technicians are installing a large number of specialized antennas, including an 18-foot (5.5-meter) radome, which is to be mounted on the upper fuselage. Visit

E-Link Portal Customer

Jeppesen has reached an agreement with Olympic Airways to receive electronic charts and information "anytime and anywhere" via the Jeppesen e-Link airline portal. Visit

JAL/Connexion Pact

Japan Airlines (JAL) and Connexion by Boeing have signed a definitive service agreement providing for the installation of Connexion’s broadband mobile information service on JAL’s fleet of 68 long-haul aircraft–including firm and optional orders–beginning in 2004. Singapore Airlines (SIA) also has tapped Connexion to provide high-speed Internet communications for 40 SIA long-haul airplanes and an undisclosed number of options, with availability in 2004. Visit

Columbia 350 Flight Deck

Avidyne has obtained a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) supplemental type certificate (STC) for its FlightMax Entegra ntegrated flight deck in the Lancair Columbia 350. Avidyne also has received eight technical standard order (TSO) approvals for the portrait version of the FlightMax Entegra EXP5000 primary flight display with flight director capability and its EX5000 multifunction display with integrated data link. Visit

Chinese ATC

Eurocat Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems provided by Thales ATM for use in Beijing and Shanghai have completed factory acceptance testing. The systems are the first two of three to be delivered as part of the North, East and Southern Area Control Centers for China (NESACC) contract won by Thales in 2001. The third system is destined for Guangzhou. Visit

JAL’s B747 Upgrade

CMC Electronics has been awarded type certificates for its GPS-based CMA-900 flight management system and CMA-2102 high-gain satcom antenna, following the systems’ installation on board a Japan Airlines (JAL) Boeing 747. JAL is having about 30 of its B747-200/200F/300 aircraft upgraded in the largest single B747 Classic avionics update. Visit

General Aviation MFD

Honeywell has received Federal Aviation Administration technical standard order (TSO) performance and production authorization on its KMD 250 multifunction display (MFD) for general aviation aircraft. The Bendix/King KMD 250 MFD provides piston-powered GA aircraft traffic and data-linked weather information. The KMD 250 is available as part of the Integrated Hazard Avoidance System (IHAS) 2000. Visit

Boeing/Honeywell Tap Green Hills

Boeing will use Green Hills software products for the development and production of two software-defined radio programs. Green Hills’ Integrity real-time operating system and Multi integrated development environment will be used for the U.S. Army’s Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Cluster 1 system and for the U.S. Air Force’s Family of Advanced Beyond-Line-of-Sight Terminals (FAB-T). In addition, Honeywell has selected Integrity-178B operating system for its next generation of integrated modular avionics technology for air transport aircraft. Visit

C-130J HUDs

Rockwell Collins has won a $20-million contract from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. to supply Flight Dynamics HGS-3000 head-up displays (HUDs) for 60 C-130Js in a procurement extending from 2004 through 2009. The HGS-3000 will be used on the Air Force C-130J and the Marine Corps KC-130J. Visit

Uncooled Infrared

The U.S. Interior Department has awarded BAE Systems a three-year, $4.5-million contract for improving the producibility and reducing the cost of advanced MicroIR infrared focal plane arrays. Applications for the sensors include air vehicle sensor packages, surveillance cameras and low-cost missile seekers. BAE claims to be the first to demonstrate a small-pixel, uncooled IR camera. Visit

Vietnamese ATC

Thales ATM will provide the Eurocat air traffic management system for Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh en-route and approach air traffic control center. Its installation is schedued to be completed in two years. The center will manage approach and arrival traffic at Tan Son Nhat airport, as well as en-route traffic over southern Vietnam and the South China Sea. Thales also has been selected to supply a Terminal Coordination System (TECOS) for the Hannover and Bremen airport towers in Germany. Visit

Bombardier RVSM Buy

Innovative Solutions & Support Inc. has won a $4-million award from Bombardier Aerospace for reduced vertical separation minimum-compliant air data display units and analog interface units for Learjet 31, 35, 36 and 55 aircraft. Visit

Dy 4 Sale

Solectron Corp. has signed a definitive agreement to sell its Dy 4 Systems business to Curtiss-Wright Corp. for $110 million. Announced in December, the deal was expected to close early in 2004. Dy 4, a supplier of commercial off-the-shelf embedded computers, will be a separate entity within Curtiss-Wright Corp. Visit

B767 Tanker Video Switch

Avtech Corp. has been awarded a contract to develop a video switch for the B767 Global Tanker/Transport Aircraft. The device will switch the digital video signals from external cameras mounted on the centerline drogue unit, right and left wing refueling pods, and centerline boom to the refueling operator’s stereoscopic head-mounted displays or other displays in the operator’s station. Visit

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