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By | December 1, 2003
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TCAS Interface

Vista, Calif.-based Sandel Avionics has developed an enhancement to its ST3400 terrain awareness warning system (TAWS). A new interface allows the display of traffic advisory and resolution advisory (TA/RA) information from traffic alert collision avoidance systems (TCAS). Pilots thus can view both traffic and terrain maps on the ST3400 color display. The photo (left) shows the ST3400 in TCAS mode. Initial applications include the Honeywell CAS 81 and CAS 67A TCAS II systems and the Goodrich TCAS791 TCAS I system. The ST3400 is a self-contained TAWS computer integrated into a 3-ATI display that meets technical standard order (TSO) C151b for both Class A and Class B TAWS requirements. Visit

Development Software

I-Logix has developed new software for system engineers and C-language developers. The new Rhapsody 5.0 uses the Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.0 final adopted specifications and extends beyond it by adding support for functional methods. It was designed for systems integration and software development within a single environment. Rhapsody 5.0 incorporates enhanced sequence diagrams, ports, tags, free flowing activity graphs, information flows, state chart inheritance and structured classes. Visit

Indicator Tester

Howell Instruments’ H394 TEMPCAL tester verifies aircraft temperature and indicating systems, providing precision testing of thermal switches, engine thermocouples, and both Walter Kidde and Systron Donner fire detection systems. The portable instrument can be used to test many sensors in place. Visit

Satcom System

A new satellite communication system for business aircraft, the Aero-HSD+, recently was introduced by Denmark’s Thrane & Thrane. It was designed to be the lightest and most compact satcom system. The 6-MCU unit weighs less than 19 pounds (8.7 kg), excluding the antenna. The Aero-HSD+ combines the Aero H+ and Swift64 Inmarsat services, including voice, e-mail, Internet and company networks. A 4-channel version of the system provides a single Swift64 channel, and a 5-channel version offers two of the high-speed channels for such services as an integrated services digital network (ISDN), mobile packet data system (MPDS), G4 fax, and Secure Telephone Equipment (STE). Visit

Airports Database

Universal Weather and Aviation Inc. recently released its 2004 UVTripPlanner directory for business aviation. It is a database source of information on airports worldwide (with at least 3,900 feet of hard-surface runway), to be used for preflight planning by pilots, operators and schedulers/dispatchers. The UVTripPlanner includes general overflight and airport-of-entry requirements; visa/passport, security and health guidelines; U.S. Customs, Immigration and Agriculture Department information; and worldwide U.S. embassy and consulate offices. Visit

Loran Receiver

Locus Inc., Madison, Wis., now offers a computerized, automatic Loran monitoring receiver, the LRS IIID, designed to meet U.S. Coast Guard specifications. The U.S. and Canadian Coast Guards use the receiver to monitor and control North American Loran transmissions. The LRS IIID can track more than 40 Loran-C stations simultaneously. It incorporates digital signal processing technology and 12 automatic interference cancellers. It also has a software-selectable clock and monitoring outputs. Visit

Rugged Connectors

Amphenol Industrial Operations, Sidney, N.Y., has completed hazardous environment update testing for its Star-Line EX series of electrical connectors, as defined by the National Electrical Code, Article 505. The Zone 1-rated connectors eliminate hard wiring to terminal blocks enclosed in junction boxes, allowing safe interconnection to modular equipment. The connectors support up to 1,135 amps at 1,000 volts and provide up to 143 contacts. Visit

Conduction-Cooled Chassis

SBS Technologies has designed a new RCOM05-ATR-6V standard 1/2-ATR short ARINC 404 chassis to meet the space limitations of the ARINC 404A envelope. The aluminum chassis is cooled by convection or a base cold plate, allowing a maximum temperature range of minus 40 degrees to 71 degrees C. The chassis houses a five-slot 6U VME64X backplane and is sealed to create a dry air environment. All boards are secured with wedge locks. Visit

Training Software

Jeppesen recently released its FliteCrew DLS version 2.0 training software for business aircraft pilots. It is a computer-based training system, with interactive CD-ROM courseware, including eight training modules: weather, performance, charts and navigation, airport operations, regulations, Airman’s Information Manual (AIM) procedures, human factors, and MedAire in-flight medical training. Pricing for the FliteCrew DLS is determined on a per-pilot/per-year basis. Discounts are available for multi-pilot flight departments. Visit

Calibrate System

Honeywell Sensotec has introduced a plug, play and calibrate system for sensors and signal conditioning. When connected to the SC2000 or any IEEE 1451.4-compliant signal conditioning, the system interrogates the sensor for the transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) information and automatically sets up and calibrates the signal conditioning with the sensor. The new system was designed so users won’t have to search for sensor calibration data sheets or worry about identity of blind cable and connectors. Visit

Airborne Cameras

Securaplane Technologies, Tucson, Ariz., has introduced its Microzoom lightweight airborne camera line. The low-profile CMZ-05 and —06, weighing less than 0.75 pound (0.34 kg), are designed for external fuselage or vertical fin installation. The CMZ-03 glare shield camera, to be installed in the cockpit, weighs less than 0.5 pound (0.21 kg) and measures 3.8 inches (9.7 cm) long by 1.9 inch (4.8 cm ) high. The Microzoom series offers 40x zoom with auto-iris functionality. The products are expected to be available in the second quarter of 2004, following DO-160D qualification testing. Visit

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