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By | November 1, 2003
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Requirements Management Software

A requirements management tool designed _for complex, multiphase development programs has been introduced by Telelogic, based in Malmo, Sweden, and Irvine, Calif. The company has introduced DOORS 7.0 Dynamic Requirements Management (DRM), the first software tool capable of handling a phased development program, according to company officials. Telelogic describes DRM as "the practice of effectively managing an evolving set of requirements within a complex incremental/iterative development project" and says the capability is applicable exclusively through the new features in its DOORS/ERS 7.0 software.

DOORS, introduced in 1992, is a multiplatform, enterprise-wide system that captures, links, traces, analyzes and manages changes to information to ensure a development project’s compliance to requirements and standards. The latest version builds upon the DOORS-ChangeSynergy, which automatically links changes in requirements to changes in code and changes in tests. Telelogic recently announced a four-year agreement with a European customer worth 640,000 euros ($755,355). The agreement allows access to the DOORS development tool. Visit

Test Equipment Software

Windows-based software designed to overcome the obsolescence of test equipment that supports aircraft with service lives of 25 years or more has been introduced by Racal Instruments, Irvine, Calif. The Technology Insertion into Legacy Systems (TILS) software suite allows users to incorporate new test instruments as build standards are upgraded, without further investment in test programs and while preserving the ability to support existing instrumentation. The TILS package is hosted on a PC situated directly on the bus in GPIB (general-purpose instrument bus) systems. The software suite also can reside with the system controller, including on VXI/PXI systems with embedded controllers. Visit

DSP Board

Dy 4 Systems, Kanata, Ontario, now offers its CHAMP-AV III quad MPC7447 PowerPC DSP (digital signal processing) board, an AltiVec-based board that features the QuadFlow architecture. It includes gigahertz processing and high-bandwidth subsystems. Visit

Function Generator

A precision DDS (direct digital synthesizer) function generator that outputs sine, cosine and TTL (transistor transistor logic) signals simultaneously is now provided by Novatech Instruments Inc., Seattle. The sine and cosine output amplitudes are programmable with 12 bits of resolution for up to 24 dBm (decibels below 1 milliwatt) output power. And the output frequency is programmable from 1 Hz to 10 MHz, for a full 48 bits of frequency resolution. The Model 2904A can use a customer-supplied external frequency input between 5 and 300 MHz. Visit

On-Line Tracking

Arlington, Wash.-based AirMatrix has developed eFlightline, a Web-based maintenance and operations tracking and record keeping system. It can be accessed at and loaded into a browser. The eFlightline system schedules and records flights and tracks work orders, parts, labor hours, gas consumption, oil burn and airworthiness directives (ADs). Since eFlight line is Web-based, the information can be accessed anywhere in the world. It incorporates NET and SQL Server technology, enabling secure access of data. The price of the single-aircraft edition starts at $99.95 for one-time setup and $195 per year. The full maintenance edition for repair facilities and fixed-base operators (FBOs) starts at $495 for one-time setup and costs $495 per year. Visit

Audio Integration Unit

Aircraft Engineering & Installation Services Inc. (AEI) has developed an audio integration unit (AIU) for "classic" airframe cockpits. These are cockpits that were not designed for the many audio outputs required to facilitate warnings from avionics such as as forward-looking windshear radar, traffic alert collision avoidance systems (TCAS) and terrain awareness warning systems (TAWS). The AIU can accept up to three inputs with one output. It ties directly into the cockpit audio system, allowing audio through the existing speakers and flight crew headsets. The AIU is a stand-alone unit designed for mounting inside the pressurized vessel. Visit

Bandwidth ‘Expander’

EMS Technologies Inc. recently introduced its Cabin Network Xcelerator (CNX), which it refers to as a "wide area network optimization device" for use with EMS’ high-speed data (HSD) products. The CMX was designed to increase communications capacity by up to 400 percent, allowing operators to use wide area network (WAN) resources more efficiently. With the CNX installed, a 128-kilobit/sec (Kbit/sec) Swift64 data connection can operate like a 512-Kbit/sec connection. And, combined with an EMS HSD-128, the CNS can provide near-broadband data connectivity, according to EMS officials. Visit

Data Rate Clock

Symmetricom, San Jose, Calif., producer of atomic clocks and network synchronization and timing solutions, has introduced an upgrade to its Model 56000 data rate clock (DRC) and distribution chassis. The new Model 56000 eliminates single points of failure and ensures reliability by accommodating redundant input references, outputs, oscillators, GPS and power supplies. The DRC upgrade was designed to make it easier to meet changing security protocols, adapt to network interfaces, and choose from various references, inputs and outputs. Visit

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