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By | October 1, 2002
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AMLCD Display
BarcoView recently introduced a new, 12-by-9-inch (30.5-by-22.8-cm) active matrix liquid crystal display. The color, landscape display, designated the MFD-12.9/1, is sunlight readable and includes modular open system architecture and built-in testing. It has a redundant light source (with controllable brightness) and redundant processing. The MFD-12.9/1 operates at 100 watts from a standard 28-volt DC power supply. The civil version is approved to the DO-160D standard and the military version to the Mil-Std-810E. The display is available for new aircraft and retrofit aircraft. Visit

Compact PCI Products
Radstone Technology, Woodcliff, N.J., has introduced its ImPact family of 3U compact PCI products. The commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) processors could be used in a range of applications, from tank turrets to unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). The first members of the ImPact family are the IMP1A single-board computer and companion PMC carrier card, designated the IMPCC1. Together these cards can integrate all of Radstone’s PMCs into a compact PCI solution. They can support PMCs on a standard compact PCI backplane of up to eight slots, featuring single or multiprocessors. The IMP1A packs a high-performance PowerPC 7410 processor core into a 3U form factor and allows space for such input/output (I/O) options as two Ethernet ports, two high-speeed sync/async serial ports and 12 bits of discrete digital I/O. Visit

Denmark’s Thrane & Thrane has unveiled a satellite communication system that seamlessly integrates two Inmarsat services, Aero H and Swift64, into one unit. Called the Aero-HSD+, the new system provides multichannel voice, fax and high-speed data communications. The Aero-HSD+ comprises an antenna, handsets, satellite data unit (SDU), high-power amplifier and a flatpack diplexer/low-noise amplifier. The Aero H service offers two voice, fax and personal computer (PC) modem data channels and one packet data channel for cockpit communications, such as controller pilot data link communications (CPDLC). The Swift64 service provides a fourth high-speed data channel for ISDN (integrated services digital network), MPDS (mobile packet data services), G4 fax and STE (secure telephone equipment). Visit

EFIS Interface
Ryan International Corp.’s 9900BX traffic advisory system (TAS) now can interface with Universal and Honeywell electronic flight instrument systems (EFIS). The EFIS capability is standard on all new 9900BX systems and is available for retrofit on existing 9900BX systems. The traffic warning device already interfaces with multifunction displays (MFDs) made by ARNAV, Chelton Flight Systems, Garmin and UPS Technologies. The 9900BX is unique in that it provides pilots aural reports of nearby traffic, as well as the standard, visual traffic alert collision avoidance system (TCAS) symbology. Visit

GPS Simulator
Following the introduction of its selective availability anti-spoofing module (SAASM)-based GPS receiver (August 2002, page 49), Interstate Electronics Corp. has unveiled its SAASM upgrade kit for its model 2450 GPS Satellite Constellation Simulator (SCS). With the upgrade and the proper vectors, supplied by the U.S. government’s GPS Joint Program Office, the model 2450 can test to verify the new, classified features of SAASM-based receivers, while still being able to test older receivers. The upgrade kit consists of PCMCIA cards that install on each of the model 2450’s digital signal generator cards, along with a software upgrade to the classified version of SCS software. Interstate Electronics, Anaheim, Calif., is a subsidiary of L-3 Communications. Visit and

Satcom Data Terminal
EMS Technologies Inc. received, at the Aeronautical Users Conference in Montreal, Inmarsat type approval for its two-channel, 128-kilobit/sec (Kbit/sec) aeronautical satellite communication terminal, the HSD-128. This supersedes the case approval of the high-speed data terminal, which Inmarsat granted in April. Both EMS Technologies terminals, the HSD-128 and single-channel HSD-64, now have unrestricted access approval from the satcom service provider. The company claims it is the first avionics manufacturer to gain such approval. EMS Technologies is targeting the HSD-128 at the corporate and commercial aircraft markets. Visit

BGA Package
Data Device Corp. (DDC) has expanded its line of enhanced Mini-ACE Mil-Std-1553 components by introducing a ball grid array (BGA) package, called the Micro-ACE. DDC claims the component has the smallest footprint of any 1553 integrated terminal and is the first of its kind in a BGA package. The company is offering three Micro-ACE configurations: one with 4K X 16 RAM (remote terminal only) and two with either 4K X 16 RAM or 64K X 17 RAM (bus controller/remote terminal/monitor versions). All include a choice of remote terminal buffering modes, a selective message monitor, autonomous built-in protocol and RAM self-test, and a choice of 10-, 12-, 16- or 20-MHz clock frequencies. The Mico-ACE is compliant with Mil-Std-1553A/B, STANAG 3838 and Mil-Std-1760 standards. Visit

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