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By | September 1, 2002
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Discrete I/O Card

The Apex Signal Division of North Atlantic Industries, Bohemia, N.Y., has announced a discrete, single-slot I/O VME card that offers enhanced diagnostics to support both embedded and test/simulation avionics applications. The programmable 64DT1 card can be configured to support many I/O combinations. Up to 96 high-speed, discrete I/O channels are programmable for either input or output. The design provides a current source (in groups of four), programmable to a desired current level. In addition, the 64DT1 provides an analog-to-digital converter in each channel, permitting unusual measurement capabilities, such as ON voltage threshold, OFF voltage threshold, short-to-ground voltage and short to +V. "De-bounce" circuits, programmable for each channel, offer a selectable time delay to eliminate false signals stemming from contact bounce. The product is available in two grades: commercial (from 0 to 70 degrees C) and rugged (-40 to 85 degrees C). Visit

Rugged Keypad

A new molded elastomer technology (MET), 1×6 keypad is available from StacoSwitch, Costa Mesa, Calif. The six-position unit features single-pole, single-throw momentary action switches. Legends on each actuation button are laser-etched on plastic key caps to provide tactile feel. Units can be lighted or unlighted. A single unlighted keypad is priced around $50. Visit

Air Data Test

Druck Ltd., in Groby, UK, has introduced a compact air data test system whose accuracy complies with industry standards for reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM). The ADTS 403, programmable for fixed- or rotary-wing civil aircraft, tests pressure-based flight instrumentation such as altimeters, airspeed indicators, rate-of-climb indicators, mach meters and air data computers. The 7-inch (4U)-high unit is compatible with automatic test equipment (ATE) systems and mounts on a 19-inch rack. Visit

DVD, File Server

TEAC’s Airborne Products Division, Montebello, Calif., has introduced a line of digital file servers and DVD video players for corporate and commercial aircraft. The products plug and play with existing tape-based video systems. The video player is the first to provide full DO-160 compliance without deviation, according to TEAC. The servers use a combination of DVD, hard disk and solid state memory. Air France and All Nippon Airlines are early customers. The former has installed the DVD player on a head-of-state Airbus 320 and the latter is placing the DVD/file server on a Boeing 747-400. Visit

Cabin IFE

Avionics Innovations Inc., Romona, Calif., has obtained Federal Aviation Administration approval for cabin entertainment products, including the AI-DVD/8 disc (AM/FM receiver, DVD player, eight-CD changer), AI-A/V switching system (audio/video switching for up to eight seats), and the AI-FPD series of flat panel displays. The liquid crystal displays (LCDs) come in 6-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch sizes, housed in drawn aluminum enclosures and weighing from 2 pounds to 8.5 pounds. Prices range from $2,995 for the smallest display to $6,995 for the 15-inch display. Visit

Transit Case

A sturdy packing case is available from Ameripack Inc., Cranbury, N.J. The "road warrior" includes custom foam inserts in various gauges, mil-spec, recessed stainless steel latches, a silicon O-ring seal and optional panel mounting. Visit

EMI Tester

Schaffner EMC Inc. has unveiled an EMI measuring receiver compliant with CISPR 16, part 1. The SMR4518 features an extended frequency range of 9 KHz to 18 KHz. Accuracy consists of 1.5 dB for the range between 9 KHz and 1,005 MHz; under 2.0 dB from 1,005 MHz to 2.75 GHz; and under 2.5 dB from 2.75 GHz to 18 GHz. The unit offers a resolution of 100 Hz (1 KHz at an IF bandwidth of 1 MHz), a frequency accuracy of 10-6, an operating temperature of —20 degrees C to 60 degrees C (-4 degrees F to 140 degrees F). Pricing starts at $61,780. Visit


A new series of piezoelectric accelerometers is available from Columbia Research Laboratories Inc., Woodlyn, Pa. The six Series 6000 products measure wideband, moderate to high-level shock and vibration. The sensors use an inverted shear crystal-mass assembly within a stainless steel body. The sensor therefore is insensitive to environmental inputs such as base bending, thermal transients and ground loop currents. High-temperature units will operate up to 500 degrees F. Visit

Custom Connectors

Customized connectors for power and signal applications, integrating design, molding, machining and stamping are available from Konnext Inc., Hudson, Mass. The high-density interconnects reduce parts, enable fast or fail-safe mating and simplify assembly. Visit

LCD Heaters

Elmwood Sensors, Pawtucket, R.I., has published information on its transparent liquid crystal display (LCD) heaters. They prevent the displays from freezing in cold, moist environments at temperatures as low as —40 degrees C. Information includes installation and performance details. Heaters can be combined with thermostats, solid state temperature sensors, thermal fuses or other types of temperature control in customized heating assemblies. Visit

Wiring System

Approach Systems Corp., Orem, Utah, now provides a Pro-G wiring system for Garmin IFR-configured panel-mounted units. The company also introduced its Pro wiring system for Garmin, Apollo and Bendix/King panel-mounted devices. Approach’s wiring systems connect avionics components with a central hub and ready-built milspec Tefzel cables available on the market. Pro-G is priced at $399 and Pro, at $499. Approach ready-built cables are available for between $49 and $199. Visit

LabView Tool Set

National Instruments has extended its LabView development environment with a new version of the Sound and Vibration tool set, adding frequency measurements, such as zoom FFT, peak search and power-in-band. Version 2 of the tool set also ships with more than 30 application examples, including engine run up, pass-by noise, frequency response and orbit plots. The new software works with LabView versions 6.0 and higher. Visit

Regulation Library

Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP), in Brisbane, Calif., has issued a new International Regulatory Library based on DVD and CD-ROM, with an annual subscription rate starting at $1,895 (domestic) and $2,275 (international). The service–aimed at intercontinental aircraft operators and multinational maintenance facilities–includes all required aviation maintenance regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration, International Civil Aviation Organization and the Joint Aviation Authority. It comprises nearly 13,000 pages. Visit

Protocol Converters

New Connectix-series protocol converters from Ametek Aerospace, Wilmington, Mass., offer a flexible bridging solution between Mil-Std-1553B and ARINC 429 data bus systems. Installed between these systems, the Ametek product examines bus traffic, extracts data and outputs it to the ARINC 429 bus, using standard or custom 429 labels. The technology allows data transfer with no software changes to existing military or commercial equipment. Connectix-series products are aimed at military users who are upgrading platforms, using electronic equipment designed and qualified for commercial aircraft. Visit

Single-Board Computer

San Diego-based Kontron offers a single-board computer that meets the PICMG 1.2 embedded PCI-X specification, extending PCI/PC-X capabilities to the embedded environment. The ePCI-100 board features an 866-MHz, Intel Pentium III processor. The product also includes two Intel 82559 ER 10/100 base-TX ports, a universal serial bus port, serial/parallel ports and a floppy interface. Visit

Mil-Std-1553 Computer

AIM-USA, a branch of the German data bus specialist, has introduced a turnkey, multipurpose Mil-Std-1553 product, ANI1553. The embedded computer unit can be used in missile and aircraft memory loader/verification, flight recording and flight line maintenance applications. The system functions at up to 175 degrees F and has been drop-tested and run over, the company says. It can perform all PBA 2000 analyzer and ParaView data display functions stand-alone or networked via Ethernet, using AIM software. It also is available in a 19-inch rail configuration. Customers may select single- and dual-channel configurations. Up to eight units can be networked, for 16 buses. The product was developed to address customer concerns regarding "flimsy" PCMCIA connectors in flight line environments, according to Bill Fleissner, AIM-USA general manager. Visit

MEMS Nav System

BEI Systron Donner Inertial Division, a unit of BEI Technologies Inc., has introduced an inertial/GPS navigation system incorporating quartz MEMS inertial sensors. (MEMS stands for micro electromechanical system.) The 44-cubic-millimeter, six-degree-of-freedom sensor cluster at the core of the MIGITS (MEMS Integrated GPS/INS Tactical System) product contains MEMS GyroChip rotation sensors and accelerometers. The MIGITS unit operates from 28 volts DC, weighs 2.4 pounds (1.1 kg) and outputs position, velocity, altitude, heading, attitude, time, acceleration and angular velocity serial digital data. Visit

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