Techtest Ltd., Herefordshire, UK, offers a new automatic deployable, emergency locator transmitter (ELT) beacon, designated the 503 series of Crash Position Indicators (CPIs). It includes Cospas/Sarsat (satellite tracking) coverage and transmits the last known GPS coordinates on the satellite long message. This is to enable rescuers to pinpoint a downed aircraft regardless of the CPI’s drifting. The 503 series employs a modular design for ease of maintenance. Visit www.searchandrescue.com.

Transformers and Transceivers

Bristol, Pa.-based Pulse Specialty Components has introduced its 1.250 gigabit per second (Gbit/sec) and 1.485 Gbit/sec Copperhead transformers for point-to-point coupling and Copperhead transceiver modules for buffered short- and long-haul applications. The products are ruggedized for use in aircraft and unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). The Copperhead transformers, when used alone, protect against static charges that may develop on cabling. The Copperhead transceivers provide buffered data transmission and amplification with 1,100-millivolt (mV) output. They eliminate DC components in the signal and provide common mode signal rejection. Visit www.pulsespecialty.com.

Avionics Interface Cards

Ballard Technology, Everett, Wash., has introduced a new family of multifunction PC/104 avionics interface cards for embedded systems. The PM429-1 and PM1553-1 communicate over the ARINC 429 and Mil-Std-1553 data buses, respectively. More than 20 models are available, including ones ruggedized for aircraft use. The cards include general-purpose timers, which can be used as watchdog timers, and various input and output discretes (in 28, 12 or 5 volts). Suited for Mil-Std-1760 applications, the PM1553-1 includes a fast auto initialization feature, so it can respond to Mil-Std-1553 commands before the host has finished booting. The PM429-1 can be configured to operate at non-standard data bus speeds, such as ARINC 575. Visit www.ballardtech.com.

IFE Equipment

Pacific Coast Avionics, Aurora, Ore., recently added a new product to its line-up of in-flight entertainment (IFE) equipment. It is an "all-in-one" overhead IFE system that combines DVD/CD capability with a high-resolution color liquid crystal display (LCD). It features on-screen programming and comes with video inputs and game ports, two infrared ports, two wired headphone ports, a remote control and an integrated TV tuner. The unit, designed for corporate and general aviation aircraft, sells for $1,495 and can be purchased online. Visit www.pacific-coast-avionics.com.

LCD Displays

Panelview Inc. offers two enhanced, liquid crystal displays (LCDs), the ENH104XP-450 and ENH104XP-800. The 10.4-inch (25.4-cm) diagonal displays are designed for operation in a high-brightness environment, incorporating "index matching" (IM) laminations, which absorb up to 80 percent of the ambient light. The ENH104XP-450 offers 450 nits (unit of luminance) with 8-watt power draw, and the ENH104XP-800 offers 800 nits with 14-watt power draw. Panelview is a Beaverton, Ore.-based subsidiary of White Electronic Designs Corp. Visit www.whiteedc.com.

GPS “Revolution”

Naval Institute Press recently released a book entitled The Precision Revolution–GPS and the Future of Aerial Warfare, by Michael Rip and James Hasik. The authors explain how precision weapons work, using GPS. The book describes the weapon systems in detail and analyzes their effects on military operations and strategy. The illustrated reference covers the use of precision weapons in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq. It also covers the misuse of GPS in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. For more information, send an e-mail to Susan Artigiani at [email protected].

Satellite Telephone

Icarus Instruments is developing an airborne satellite telephone that uses the Iridium constellation of 66 low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. Called SatTalk II, the system can be used anywhere in the world at any altitude. Internet access and e-mail also are available. The Motorola Iridium phone is removable and, with its built-in antenna, can be used outside the aircraft. Users of the SatTalk II phone can employ an aviation headset for communications. Outgoing calls will cost about $1.49 per minute. Visit www.icarusinstruments.com.

GPS Receiver

A 12-channel, Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM)-based GPS receiver, designed for high-G platforms, has been introduced by Interstate Electronics Corp., a subsidiary of L-3 Communications Corp. The TruTrak receiver meets U.S. government security requirements and has been approved by the Navstar GPS Joint Program Office. It will track up to 12 satellites at a time while providing a less than three-second C/A and P(Y) code signal acquisition. The TruTrak receiver also has processor capacity to run additional user software. Visit www.iechome.com.


Weco Aerospace Systems Inc., Lincoln, Calif., has developed a new 200-amp starter/generator for helicopters. The Titan 200 provides a margin of reserve power and includes a brush that is designed to run to its full TBO. It was designed to satisfy the needs of rotary-wing operators who have equipped their aircraft with extra electronics. Visit www.wecoaerospace.com.


Omnetics Connector Corp., Minneapolis, Minn., offers a light, compact connector that is adaptable to use in unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), in which systems often are removed and swapped. The connector can accommodate from three to 46 wires within a 0.27-inch (6.85-mm) diameter insulator. Either metal or plastic housings are available. Visit www.omnetics.com.

RF Power Transistors

Polyfet, Camarillo, Calif., introduced a 7-watt, 7.5-volt plastic RF transistor, operating from DC to 500 MHz. Using LDMOS (double-diffused metal-oxide semiconductor) technology, the transistor has a minimum gain of 10 dB and was designed for applications such as communications and laser drivers. Visit www.polyfet.com.

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