Audio Selector Panel

Redmond, Wash.-based dB Systems has introduced its Model 300 audio selector panel, designed to accommodate various panel, switch and custom internal configurations. Certified and employing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology, the Model 300 includes such options as patented dynamic voice transmission and built-in voice/warning generator. It has 10 receiver/transceiver inputs and six transceiver/PA mic outputs. The Model 300 was developed for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Visit

Digital Camera

Toshiba has developed a digital, monochrome progressive-scan video camera, the IK-SX1. The camera has a megapixel, 0.66-inch (1.67-cm) charged coupled device (CCD) with 6.45-micron square pixels and a scan rate of 15 frames per second at 1392 X 1040 pixel resolution. The IK-SK1 also includes an asynchronous reset, electronic shutter with speeds from 1/15 to 1/50,000 of a second. Visit

Video Compression

The newly formed Telemetry-West division of L-3 Communications recently introduced the VCS700 video compression system. It utilizes a wavelet compression algorithm, designed to be an improvement over JPEG and MPEG compression algorithms. The system consists of a miniaturized, programmable airborne video compression unit and a ground-based PCI bus decompression card. The basic VCS700 can accept up to four video inputs and can be expanded to accept eight or more video interfaces. Visit


National Instruments has introduced its LabVIEW PID (proportional integral derivative) control toolset 6.0, which was developed to deliver up to 30 percent faster performance than the previous version. With the 6.0 version, instead of programming an individual function for each control loop, engineers can control multiple PID loops with a single function while maintaining individual set points, process variables and PID gains for each unit, according to National Instruments. The new toolset includes built-in tools for control system prototyping. Visit

PC Hardware

Staffall/USECO, Cranston, R.I., recently introduced a line-up of standard and specialty PC (personal computer) board-level hardware for use in such applications as antenna subassemblies and microwave devices. The components include a terminal, sockets, shorting plugs and jacks, spacers and bushings. They can be fabricated in sizes from 0.015-inch (0.38-mm) diameter and up. Visit

Soldering Station

Phoenix-based Contact East now offers the Weller Silver-series dual digital soldering station, which allows the simultaneous use of two irons at different temperature settings. The tip temperature is electronically controlled through a range of 100 to 850 degrees F. The station operates on 120 volts AC and comes with a three-wire power cord. Visit

Audio Controller

Northern Airborne Technologies recently gained Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for its AMS50 Audio Controller. It includes such features as independent transmit, cell phone interface and active noise filtering. The AMS50 audio panel meets or exceeds TSO-C50c Class II, TSO-C35d Class A (marker receiver), DO-160D and DO-138 standards. Visit

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