Motion Feedback Card

Data Device Corp., Bohemia, N.Y., has introduced SB-364101X, an eight-channel synchro/resolver motion feedback PMC interface card. The company claims the unit is the first of its type for VME and Compact PCI platforms. Parallel-mounted onto a host VME or Compact PCI carrier, the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product can offer a flexible solution for a range of military applications. Each channel is accurate up to 1.3 arc minutes with 10- to -16-bit resolution. Visit

Switching Subsystem

Racal Instruments, Irvine, Calif., has unveiled the Model 1257 switching platform for custom radio frequency (RF), microwave and optical switching. With up to 240 channels, the product is targeted to microwave automatic test equipment (ATE) integrators and aerospace equipment manufacturers. Features of Model 1257 include:

  • Standard and custom configurations,

  • GPIB and RS-232 remote interfaces,

  • 19-inch rack mount 4U, 5U or 6U chassis,

  • High throughput for reduced test time,

  • Pull-out rear drawer for switch replacement,

  • Removeable top/botton covers and slide mounting for maintenance access,

  • LabView and LabWindows/CVI drivers, and

  • Optional 5-million-cycle switches.

Optional rear panel-mounted switch configurations also are available. Visit

Code Coverage Tool

G-Cover, a new code coverage analysis tool for embedded software development, recently was launched by Green Hills Software, Santa Barbara, Calif., a developer of real-time operating systems and software development tools. G-Cover will appeal to software developers in the flight-critical, DO-178B, Level-A, domain, the company claims, because the package enables users to test 100 percent of their code, enhancing the reliability of embedded applications. Other features include code coverage analysis at the object code level, independent of the source language, and use of debugging facilities from Green Hills’ Multi and AdaMulti integrated development environments. Visit

Exam Guide

A new oral exam guide is available from Aviation Supplies & Academics (ASA), Newcastle, Wash., for pilots training for the airline transport pilot (ATP) certificate. The guidebook focuses on turbine aircraft theory, performance and limitations; airline operational procedures; aeronautical decision making; and crew resource management, regulations and instrument procedures. Two appendices add questions candidates may have to field on an airline checkride and provide answers. Although the appendices are specific to the Beechcraft 1900C, the principles apply to the turboprob aircraft flown by many regional airlines. The 224-page ATP Oral Exam Guide–order number ASA-OEG-ATP–is available for $12.95 and may be purchased from ASA here:

Snap-In Circuit Breaker

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has announced new 1658-Series thermal circuit breakers, which it claims can be installed in half the time it takes to mount typical threadneck circuit breakers. Plastic flanges on the single-pole unit allow "snap-in" installation without panel modifications, the Chicago-based company says. The part is intended for AC systems up to 250 volts and DC systems up to 28 volts. Pricing is under a dollar in volume. Visit

Cabin System Tester

A briefcase-sized kit from DPI Labs will enable end-users to test, verify and diagnose aircraft cabin management systems that employ DPI Smart-Link II or III cabin management operating systems. The Fly-Away Kit diagnostic tools can troubleshoot cabin management system electronics from data bus and relays to wiring and individual components, spotting mis-wiring and mis-pinning errors at the end-user’s or aircraft maintenance center’s site. The kit includes a shipside bus tester, shipside tester SL-1955, a light dimmer PWM (pulse-width modulation), a relay control module light dimmer, a switch panel simulator and a dialog module. Pricing is approximately $20,000. Visit

Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Fuji Electric has added Time Delta M, an economical ultrasonic flowmeter, to its family of high-performance transit-time ultrasonic flowmeters. The compact unit features menu-based programming through a simple, front-mounted keypad, as well as 4-to-20mA, pulse frequency, totalizer and alarm outputs. Clamp-on sensors address contamination concerns. The product is available through TTI Inc., Fuji Electric’s North American distributor, Williston, Vt. Visit

LED Lamps

New light-emitting diode (LED) illuminators from LEDtronics, Torrance, Calif., are aimed at applications requiring the light source to be perpendicular to the display plane. The RAB362 right-angle, single-level LEDs measure 0.362-in. (9.19-mm) long, 0.043-in. (1.09-mm) wide and 0.059-in (1.5-mm) high. A bi-pin design enhances stability for status indicator alignment. The units are available in "ultra sunlight visible" and "standard intensity" versions. Visit

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