Custom Battery Packs
Atlantic Components
(Atcom) of Woburn, Mass., now offers custom manufactured battery packs that can be made to solve space and design requirements or multiple power source requirements. The battery packs can include primary (non-rechargeable) and secondary (rechargeable) types, along with fuses and connectors. The battery packs can be made from alkaline, manganese dioxide, lithium manganese dioxide, lithium sulfur dioxide, silver oxide and lithium thionyl chloride primary batteries. Rechargeable chemistries include nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion, and lead acid batteries. Visit on the Web.

Pilot Guide
The new edition of Confident Flying–A Pilot Upgrade,written by Richard Collins and Patrick Bradley, recently was released by Aviation Supplies & Academics Inc. (ASA). The book talks of how pilots should manage risk and become more confident in their aviation skills. The two authors share both good and bad decisions they have made during their flying careers. The book costs $19.95 and the order code is ASA-CON-FLY. For more information, visit

Switch Card
Racal Instruments Inc.
has introduced its new Model 1260-116 high-density, plug-in switch card, capable of simultaneously switching power, stimulus and response signals. It was designed for use in either the Adapt-a-Switch 1260-10, VXI carrier or 1256 GPIB/RS-232 switching mainframe. It includes drivers for LabWindows/CVI and LabView for VXI applications, and it is programmable via GPIB commands when used with Racal’s 1256 switching system. Visit

Imbedded Multiprocessor
Sky Computers Inc.
, a subsidiary of Analogic Corp., has released the Merlin 500 embedded multiprocessor for VME boards and systems. The Merlin 500, designed to improve computer performance, delivers 16 GFLOPS of performance on a 6-by-6-inch circuit card and more than 1 TFLOP for a system of 16 VME 9U boards. Sky claims this is the only multiprocessor product currently available that uses four of the new 500 MHz MPC7410 PowerPC microprocessors with AltiVec technology on a single daughter card. It allows developers of computationally demanding programs–such as the military radar, signal intelligence and weapon systems–to process more data in real-time and to decrease the size and complexity of their systems. Visit

Audio Control System
Redmond, Wash.-based dB Systems has introduced its Model 375 audio control panel, a plug-and-play replacement for the AN/AIC-10/18/24 military intercom system. It offers improved performance with no need to change existing aircraft wiring. TSO-certified, it employs commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology. The Model 375’s features include: up to 16 receiver/ transceiver audio inputs, up to nine transmitter mic inputs, four unmuted auxiliary inputs, distortion of less than 1% typically, 400-Hz noise suppression and outputs for headphone, speaker interphone and CVR. Visit

Digital Compass
Solid State Electronics Center has developed two new digital compasses: the HMR3300 3-axis tilt-compensated compass module and the HMR3200 2-axis module. Both are drop-in miniature printed circuit boards. The digital compasses can be used for various applications, including satellite antenna positioning and integration with the Global Positioning System (GPS). Visit for more information.

Graphical Display Modules
DY 4 Systems
has introduced Insight, a line of state-of-the-art graphical display modules for harsh-environment, mission-critical, military avionics. It includes two high performance PMC mezzanine modules, called Trinity I and Trinity II, for either VME or CompactPCI processor boards, plus a new, high-functionality 6U VME board. The modules are powered by the 3D Labs Permedia 3 (P3) and feature full support for Open-GL in a real-time environment. Visit

Network Software
, recently introduced its client/server-based software for testing Mil-Std-1553, ARINC 429 and STANAG 3910 databuses. This new product can perform testing and simulation on multiple buses remotely over an ethernet local area network (LAN) from a Windows-based personal computer. More than one user can have access to multiple streams to remotely perform real-time simulation, monitoring, recording and physical bus playback over the network. The network application interface was designed so that multiple users could control or view avionics databus activity from different locations. AIM’s network software for 1553 and 3910 is called PBA-NET and for 429, PAA-NET. Visit

Terminals and Connectors
Tyco Electronics
announced a new line of heavy-duty, deep drawn copper terminals and connectors. These seamless terminals and connectors are manufactured from flat copper strip and designed for ruggedness in extreme conditions. They also provide deformation control during the crimping process. Six product styles are available, including plain, a site hole version, bent, recessed pad, expandable pad, and an uninsulated splice. E-mail information requests to [email protected].

Mezzanine Card
Data Device Corp.
(DDC) now offers a new version of its DD-42916C1 mezzanine card to interface with ARINC 429 PCI databuses. Designated the DD42916i3, it is designed to analyze and simulate data to and from avionics via the PCI format. The new card provides 16 programmable receive/transmit channels that can perform high- or low-speed operations. It also supports high-speed data rates on all channels simultaneously, engineering unit conversion, and wraparound self-testing for each channel. Visit

Angular Accelerometer
Columbia Research Laboratories Inc.
has released its Model SR-220RNP, a miniature force balance angular accelerometer designed for applications where space is at a premium. The Columbia HP suspension system provides ruggedness and rejection of linear acceleration. The SR-220RNP does not depend on fluid for damping or rotational inertia, but is electrically damped, resulting in high-frequency characteristics. The servo loop design provides thermal stability of zero bias, scale factor and frequency characteristics. Model SR-220RNP operates from �15 volts DC, with available ranges of �100, �500, �1,000, and �5,000 Rad/Sec2, with accuracy of �0.25% FR, and a temperature range from -50� C to + 85� C. Send e-mail to [email protected] or visit

Electronic Flight Instrument
Astronautics Corp. of America
recently received FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) certification for a variant of a 5 ATI electronic flight instrument, to be fitted on the Agusta A109E helicopter. With an active matrix, liquid crystal display (AMLCD), the electronic instrument serves as a replacement for electromechanical instruments. It has additional features included with color weather radar: vertical profile, Stormscope, radar altimeter, traffic alert collison avoidance system (TCAS), and flight management display. Visit for further details.

Performance Software
The Boeing Co.
has introduced a new software product designed to automate takeoff and landing calculations. Called the Boeing Laptop Tool, the software includes customized data for individual aircraft. Digitized reference sources that can be loaded in the Laptop Tool include the flight manual, dispatch deviation guide, minimum equipment list (MEL), operations manual, quick reference handbook, and the flight crew training manual. For more information, visit

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