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By | November 1, 2000
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3-D Software
Global Majic Software Inc. has introduced its 3DLinX version 1.5 language-independent software for creating real-time 3-D applications. The software is described as a "user-friendly simulation development tool for building interactive, dynamic, three-dimensional, Web-enabled" models. 3DLinX is designed to work with Visual Basic and Visual C++. For more information, visit or

Mil-Std-1553 PMC Card
Data Device Corp. has launched the BU-65565 Mil-Std-1553 PMC card. The new card provides a complete hardware and software commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for interfacing between an embedded system with a PCI bus and one or more 1553 buses. Between one and four dual redundant 1553 channels are included on the card. Each channel may be independently programmed for BC, RT, selective message monitor, or RT/monitor modes to support Mil-Std-1553A/B, STANAG-3838, McAir, and Mil-Std-1760 platforms. A 32-bit interface is provided, operating at speeds up to 33 MHz in either 3.3-volt or 5-volt signaling environments. See

K Series Contactors
CII Technologies, Hartman Products, has released its K Series Contactors. CII claims they are the smallest, lightest 200-400 amp, 28-volt DC contactors currently available. Weighing 0.50 and 0.75 pounds (227 and 341 grams), the units have various mounting positions and applications. For details, contact Don McGowan of CII Technologies at phone 419-521-9532, or send e-mail to [email protected].

The 9629 Microprocessor
Jetline has come out with the 9629 microprocessor, a wire feeder control for both cold and hot wire feeding. The new control utilizes a fast processor with custom designed software. The menu-driven system eliminates many of the switches and knobs of previous models. The control can be used in conjunction with a tach generator to provide closed- loop control and wire feed speed. Start and stop delays are programmable, and an optional wire pulse feature permits timed or synchronous pulsing of the welding current. Also available is a precision model of wire feeder, which will interface with other Jetline microprocessor controls. For further information, contact Mervyn Roberts of Jetline Engineering at phone 949-951-1515, or send e-mail inquiries to [email protected].

Beacon Lamp
LEDtronics has launched an eight-tiered safety warning LED lamp–the BeaconLED. This direct incandescent replacement BeaconLED has 96 beams that produce a 360� glow for visually indicating warnings and hazards in high noise environments, where audible signals may be hard to hear. The product is available in high and low-profile assemblies, 9-mm and 15-mm, single and dual-contact bayonet, 25-mm screw base, candelabra screw and intermediate S11 or S14 screw bases. BeaconLED comes in standard AC or DC voltages, as well as AC/DC bipolar. Visit and ask for data sheet log No. 021.

On-line Weather Info
The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is promoting its National Convective Weather Forecast. This on-line weather information, developed with funding from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, operates out of the National Weather Service’s Aviation Weather Center (AWC) at Kansas City, Mo. The national thunderstorm forecast automatically updates every five minutes and is used in conjunction with the Collaborative Collective Forecast Product, a joint forecast that provides airline meteorologists with a "best, first guess at thunderstorm activity" over the next two to six hours, NCAR says. The National Convective Weather Forecast is targeted at commercial airlines, the FAA and general aviation aircraft. American, Northwest, Southwest and TWA are among the major airlines currently using the service.For more infromation, see, or visit

Wireless Modem Module
Quatech Inc. has released the QTM-8524 direct sequence spread spectrum (DSS) Rf wireless modem module. This product is based on the QTM-8000 series remote data acquisition and signal conditioning modules for serial networks. The modules convert RF signals to serial RS-232 or RS-485 for communication with a PC or serial network. The QTM-8524 lists for $799 and is scheduled to begin shipping in the fourth quarter of this year. For additional information, visit on the Web.

Rackmount Enclosure
One Stop Systems has introduced the CompactPCI/1U rackmount enclosure. The 1.75-inch-tall 1U can accommodate a dual-slot single board computer or a one-slot single board computer and one peripheral board. The enclosure is set for telecom, Internet router and wireless server applications, One Stop says. The 1U CompactPCI enclosure lists for $495 and is available for immediate shipment. Visit the Website at for more details.

IFQT for the 747 Classic
BFGoodrich Aerospace has introduced an Isolated Fuel Quanitity Transmitter (IFQT) for Boeing 747 Classic aircraft. It meets the requirements of Airworthiness Directive 98-20-40. The IFQT uses existing in-tank hardware wiring, flight deck indicators, and volumetric shut-off VSO unit, so the spares inventory remains the same, and flight crews use the same instrumentation and procedures. For more information, see on the Web.

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