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Editor’s Note: We’re Expanding — Even More

By David Jensen | April 1, 2000
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The comments I wrote last month to introduce our new Global Airspace section in Avionics Magazine followed the headline "We’re Expanding." But I only told you part of the story.

As I noted in the March 2000 issues, we are enhancing in Avionics Magazine our coverage of the air traffic management sector of aerospace. It makes sense. In this emerging era when electronic messaging and imagery passes back and forth instantly between ground facilities and aircraft and when the responsibilities of air crewmen and air traffic controllers begin to coalesce, it becomes increasingly important for readers to remain aware of new developments throughout the aerospace electronics industry. Our aim is to build for you that awareness.

As part of that aim, we offer this new Web service. In other words, we’re expanding still more–on the Web.

Bookmark this Website:; it supports 12 aviation publications of Phillips Business Information Inc.–both newsletters and magazines. To find a publication, point your cursor to the "Newsstand" button and click; then from the list of publications, click on "Avionics Magazine" or one of the other selections. Now you can view the full text from the most recent issue. The text in this issue and all future issues will be in our electronic archive.

The electronic version of Avionics Magazine does not include illustrations, charts and photos, and you won’t see our handsome cockpit profiles–one of which, in case you haven’t already seen it, appears in the printed version of the April 2000 issue to the left of the Editor’s Note, tucked in a "gatefold" behind the cover. So don’t throw away your printed copy of Avionics Magazine.

You will find one thing on the Website that is common to the paper version of Avionics Magazine: the Website addresses of the companies we mention in the copy. And in our section of Aviation Today, each address, appearing in blue type, is a hot link to the the Website of the company mentioned in a particular story. We also provide links to the sites of the companies that advertise in Avionics Magazine. Now you can expand your knowledge–virtually without limit–of new developments in aerospace electronics.

And these links associated with Avionics Magazine stories are in addition to the "Industry Links" segment shown on Aviation Today’s menu. This segment provides access to sites for air shows, government agencies, airports worldwide, and aerospace industry associations. This is all part of our effort to provide a convenient, orderly accumulation of the aerospace industry’s many new developments and events.

Kudos goes out to Kimberly Shepherd, who I am proud to announce, has just been promoted to managing editor. She earned her promotion not only for her work on Aviation Today, but for tackling the very challenging task of managing this magazine’s editorial content. Kimberly has been on the Avionics Magazine staff for a little less than two years. You will be seeing her byline more in the magazine and see her face more at industry events.

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