3ATI Display

Planar Systems Inc. has released a new 3ATI active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) designed especially for rigorous avionics applications. The 3ATI can be used for flight deck instruments in both military and commercial aircraft. The product was designed to replace Toshiba’s 3ATI AMLCD components, which were discontinued. The display features a 240-by-240-pixel color format, with video capable response rate in real-time.

For more information, phone Planar at 503-690-1100, or visit www.planar.com on the Web.

Flight Situational Displays

Avidyne Corp. announced its introduction of the FlightMax 740 and FlightMax 440, two new flight situational displays (FSDs) for business and general aviation. The FlightMax 740 and FlightMax 440 are the latest in a line of FSDs from Avidyne.

The FlightMax 740 is tailored for radar-equipped aircraft. It can replace most Bendix/King radar indicators. Pilots get all of the functionality of their current radar system plus a full-featured vector graphic moving map, and IFR and VFR chart displays. Additionally, the FlightMax 740 includes interfaces to the Ryan TCAD (traffic and collision alert device) system, the BFGoodrich Skywatch TAS (traffic advisory system), and the BFGoodrich WX-500 Stormscope.

FlightMax 440 is designed to provide all the situational awareness capability needed for non-radar aircraft at an affordable price. The system is fully upgradable and offers a moving map, Stormscope interface, IFR and VFR charts, and a traffic awareness display when interfaced with Ryan TCAD. With the FlightMax 440, TCAD is displayed for the first time on a full-size, full-color display with standard traffic symbology.

Call 888-242-2379, or visit www.avidyne.com on the Web for details.

Airport Data Analysis Tool

Wavionix Software Ltd. has launched the Airport Data Analysis Tool (ADAT) exclusively for worldwide members of Airports Council International (ACI). ADAT can calculate and construct the ICAO Annex 14 Aerodrome Obstacle Limitation Surfaces in a visual three-dimensional format, while enabling viewing of any shaped/sized obstacles, terrain or buildings in the immediate area.

In addition, Wavionix’s U.S. joint-venture WISI Inc. launched the new PrecisionWare suite of tools for GPS/GNSS procedural design, validation and simulation. PrecisionWare allows the user to convert all data into WGS84 coordinates, design GPS procedures, and simulate them in a flight simulator, which is included in the package.

For details, contact Wavionix Software at phone (44) 1865-784-472; fax (44) 1865-784-473; e-mail at [email protected]; or visit the Website at www.wavionix.com.

Fully-Integrated Video Card

Sony Precision Technology America Inc. has introduced the SVB-10 digital video card for data acquisition applications. When installed in a Sony SIR-1000 Series data recorder, the new interface card makes it possible to record and reproduce analog measurement data and full screen video imagery simultaneously. The SVB-10 interface card consolidates a precision instrumentation recorder and VCR into one integrated system. Up to 32 hours of MPEG formatted digital video along with analog signals or digital data streams can be recorded and stored in a single advanced intelligent tape (AIT) cartridge.

The SVB-10 video card was designed for applications such as research and development, flight and automotive vehicle development failure analysis, and structural dynamics. NASA has implemented the system for on-board space shuttle recording for simulation purposes.

For more information, contact Sony Precision Technology at 949-770-8400, or visit Sony’s Website at www.sonypt.com.

Weather Data System

Sofreavia of France has launced its new WEDIS product, designed to answer the demand for weather information from different users within civil aviation, such as ATC centers, airport control towers, briefing offices and airlines. The system features a gateway to all meterological data, such as airport real-time weather measurements (from AWOS, wind profiler, weather radar), satellite pictures (from METEOSAT, GOES, GMS, NOAA), MET data in alphanumeric format, GRIBs and T4 charts (from SADIS, RETIM, MDD, ISCS-WAFS, AMSS, GTS, AFTN, Internet, etc.

The system can define specific functions, geographical zones, and window configurations, depending on the user’s requirements (control tower, ATC center, briefing office, MET office). Other functions include pre-flight documentation production and route planning.

Contact Sofreavia by phone at 33 (0) 1-4123-4673; e-mail at [email protected]; or visit the Website at www.sofreavia.com.

Interface, Test Boards

Excalibur Systems has released the EXC-1553PMC/Px, an intelligent Mil-Std-1553 interface board for PMC compatible slots, and the EXC-3839PCI advanced STANAG 3838 and 3910 test and simulation board for the PCI bus.

Each channel of the EXC-1553PMC/Px can operate simultaneously as a bus controller and up to 32 remote terminals, or as a triggerable monitor. The board supports one or two dual redundant 1553 channels and is compatible with all common variations of Mil-Std-1553. Error injection and detection is supported on each channel, as well. Pricing starts at $2,495.

The low-speed part of the EXC-3839PCI can operate simultaneously as a bus controller, multiple remote terminals, and triggerable bus monitor. The high-speed part supports both fiber-optic and electrical transceivers and 4-megabytes of dual-port RAM. Pricing starts at $3,750.

Contact Kathy Shinsato at 800-MIL-1553 or send e-mail to [email protected].

Digital Panel Indicators

Penny+Giles has released the DMP200 and DML300—two new ranges of fully programmable, digital panel indicators. The DMP200 series consists of four universal input indicators with features packed into a standard 1/8-d-inch case. The DML300 series is designed especially for use with LVDT tansducers. It is configured for the correct transducer excitation voltage and frequency as recommended by the sensor manufacturer.

For further information, contact Frederick Howse, Penny+Giles’ vice president of business development, at 847-995-0840, or send e-mail to [email protected].

BNC T1000 Series Connectors

Amphenol’s Communication and Network Products Division has released its 75 Ohm BNC T1000 series connector line for constant 75 Ohm impedance. The T1000 bayonet BNC style connectors have broadband performance through 4 GHz. The series was engineered specifically for high bit-rate digital video signal transmission.

For more information, contact Amphenol, CNP Division, at 800-672-7100, or send e-mail to [email protected].

Vibration Sensor

Columbia Research Laboratories Inc. has introduced its Model 960-TX tri-axial piezoelectric accelerometer, designed to monitor vibrations generated by helicopter engines, transmissions and airframes. Its housing includes three miniature, mutually perpendicular vibration sensors plus a central mounting screw. Each sensor has integrated thick-film, electronic signal conditioning circuitry, capable of providing high sensitivity, temperature compensation and low impedence output drive.

For details, contact Robert Reymos at Woodlyn, Pa.-based Columbia Research Lab. Call 800-813-8471 or 610-872-3900, or visit www.columbiaresearchlab.com.

Loop Resistance Tester

Boeing Co. has developed an instrument that allows the integrity of cable shielding to be tested without de-mating the connectors. The Loop Resistance Tester (LRT) works by magnetically coupling low-power, low-frequency AC current onto the cable shield and then measuring the induced voltage. The resulting complex ratio can be used to determine the loop resistance, which is an indicator of the quality of the electrical bonds between the cable shield, connectors and metallic structure.

For additional information, contact: Manager, Boeing Maintenance and Ground Operations Systems, P.O. Box 3707, MS 2J-52, Seattle, WA 98124-2207 USA; telephone 206-544-8506; fax 206-544-8502.

Space-Qualified Switches

Dow-Key Microwave Corp. is marketing its new 401 Series of switches operating to 18.7 GHz. The switches are designed to meet pyrotechnic shock and vibration requirements. Applications include low power redundancy switching, where low insertion loss and exceptional insertion loss repeatability is essential.

Phone 805-650-0260, or visit www.dowkey.com for details.

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