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April 25, 2018

US Air Force To Let AI Handle Software Certification

The U.S. Air Force is readying an announcement it has completed a new initiative to…

April 13, 2018

AI Certifying AI? Mercury Systems Engineer Says it Might Work

David Simpson always dreamed of being a pilot. When he was a child in the…

February 05, 2018

F-35 Ahead of Schedule in Ground Collision Avoidance

The F-35 program is ahead of the curve this time, beating its schedule by five…

June 27, 2017

Blue Sky Network, Digital AirWare Partner for Automated Maintenance Data Tracking

Blue Sky Network and Digital AirWare have signed a strategic data exchange agreement, Blue Sky…

May 25, 2017

Raytheon Finishes Upgrading New York TRACON Ahead of Schedule

Raytheon has completed modernizing air traffic control (ATC) services for the New York area, including…

May 17, 2017

Aurora Proves Robot Co-Pilot can Fly a Boeing 737

Aurora Flight Sciences continued to push the boundaries of what might be possible in future…