Trend: UAS Integration

NOAA is Looking for Hurricane Hunting Drones

Sixteen years ago an experimental unmanned aircraft system (UAS) was launched into tropical cyclone Ophelia. Now the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is working to develop new specialized UAS to deploy into hurricanes and gather data previously inaccessible to scientists.  “When these storms make landfall, they impact buildings, they impact us, so we want […]

Network Remote ID Notable Exclusion from FAA UAS Rules

The highly anticipated unmanned aircraft system (UAS) Remote Identification (Remote ID) final rules have been released; however, they include a major change from the proposed rules: the exclusion of network Remote ID. The Federal Aviation Administration cited security issues, privacy concerns, connectivity issues, and regulatory challenges as reasons for not adopting network Remote ID while […]

Aevum’s Ravn X Drone to Offer Rapid Launches to Low-Earth Orbit

Alabama-based Aevum Inc.’s Ravn X drone plans to offer the U.S. Space Force and other customers launches to Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) within three hours of tasking. The 80-foot, 55,000-pound drone with a wingspan of 60 feet is to have second and third stages that will carry payloads up to 500 kg. to LEO. The Ravn […]

Dronamics Moves Closer to On-Demand Drone Deliveries in Europe with New Airport Network

Dronamics, a cargo drone developer and operator, has established agreements with the first five airports in Europe where it plans to operate on-demand drone cargo deliveries and is preparing for flight testing to begin next year, the London-based company’s CEO and co-founder Svilen Rangelov told Aviation Today in a recent interview. Rangelov first established the […]

Bell, NASA Use APT-70 Demo to Evaluate Future of UAS Medical Delivery

The APT-70, an autonomous pod transport created by Bell, completed a beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) flight demonstration with NASA to evaluate the next steps in using drones within an urban environment for medical deliveries, third-party logistics, offshore delivery, and humanitarian relief, according to a Sept. 30 press release.  The flight took place in Fort Worth, […]

3 Aerospace Research and Development Projects Happening at Universities in the US

Some of the aerospace industry’s most advanced groundbreaking future technologies and concepts are being researched and developed within academic labs and campuses at hundreds of universities in the U.S. right now. A significant number of programs are performing never-seen-before operations using drones for everything from California Polytechnic State University’s initiative for identifying sharks that present […]