Trend: UAS Integration

Elroy Air Gets $40M in Funding

Aerospace and logistics company Elroy Air has raised $40 million in funding for its autonomous cargo aircraft from new investors like Marlinspike Capital, Lockheed Martin Ventures, and Prosperity7 Ventures and existing investors, the company announced on August 4.  Elroy’s aircraft, the Chaparral, is an autonomous and utilities vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL). Chaparral uses a […]

Skyports Completes Successful BVLOS Flights in Scotland

Skyports, the drone delivery company, recently completed a medical drone delivery project in Scotland demonstrating an overall 90 percent reduction in average transportation time. During a June 2 webinar, Jef Geudens, head of technology at Skyports, explained how they were able to conduct 14,000 km of beyond visual line of sight drone flights and what […]

Ondas Acquires American Robotics to Integrate FullMax Connectivity into Drone Robot-as-a-Service

California-based private wireless broadband provider Ondas Holdings is acquiring American Robotics, the first company approved for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone operations without human observers in U.S. airspace, according to a May 17 earnings call. Ondas wants to give industrial companies across a variety of sectors the ability to deploy private wireless broadband […]

MightyFly Looks to Fill Gap in Large Cargo Drone Market

The use of drones for logistics or delivery services is often imagined as a solution for last-mile deliveries of small packages or food. MightyFly is looking to occupy a different segment of the market with a large cargo drone that could be used in business-to-business logistics instead of business to customers. Manal Habib and Scott […]

Northrop Grumman Demonstrates Optionally-Manned Firebird Aircraft In Maritime Environment

Northrop Grumman recently completed a three-week, nearly 9,000-mile roadshow of its Firebird optionally-manned autonomous long-endurance aircraft across the U.S. that wrapped up with a maritime domain awareness demonstration of the system and a sensor package for littoral operations in South Florida, the company said this week. The demonstrations in Key West, Fla. for U.S. Southern Command […]

Airwayz AI-Powered Unmanned Traffic Management Put to the Test in Israel Drone Pilot Program

The future of drone operations could include thousands of drones operating within an airspace corridor all communicating through a traffic management system. The first step to turning this idea into a reality is currently underway in Israel where five unmanned aircraft system (UAS) companies are operating their fleets within a corridor being managed by an […]

MQ-25 May Add ISR And Strike; Navy Sees 40 Percent Unmanned Air Wing Future

A Navy official on March 18 said the service sees the MQ-25A Stingray unmanned carrier-based tanker possibly eventually adding strike missions and that up to 40 percent of the future air wing could be unmanned. During a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee on Thursday, ranking member Rep. Rob […]

NOAA is Looking for Hurricane Hunting Drones

Sixteen years ago an experimental unmanned aircraft system (UAS) was launched into tropical cyclone Ophelia. Now the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is working to develop new specialized UAS to deploy into hurricanes and gather data previously inaccessible to scientists.  “When these storms make landfall, they impact buildings, they impact us, so we want […]

Network Remote ID Notable Exclusion from FAA UAS Rules

The highly anticipated unmanned aircraft system (UAS) Remote Identification (Remote ID) final rules have been released; however, they include a major change from the proposed rules: the exclusion of network Remote ID. The Federal Aviation Administration cited security issues, privacy concerns, connectivity issues, and regulatory challenges as reasons for not adopting network Remote ID while […]

Aevum’s Ravn X Drone to Offer Rapid Launches to Low-Earth Orbit

Alabama-based Aevum Inc.’s Ravn X drone plans to offer the U.S. Space Force and other customers launches to Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) within three hours of tasking. The 80-foot, 55,000-pound drone with a wingspan of 60 feet is to have second and third stages that will carry payloads up to 500 kg. to LEO. The Ravn […]