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December 11, 2020

PODCAST: VistaJet COO Talks Latest Connectivity and COVID-19 Updates

On this episode of the Connected Aircraft Podcast, we feature my question and answer session…

December 09, 2020

VistaJet Chief Operating Officer Talks COVID-19 and LuxStream Apps, Deployment Schedule

LuxStream, the new in-flight connectivity technology from Collins Aerospace and SES, is scheduled to be…

July 07, 2020

VistaJet Brings Tempus IC2 Telemedicine Onboard Global Fleet

International private jet charter operator VistaJet has added in-flight telemedicine technology, RDT’s Tempus IC2, to…

April 03, 2020

PODCAST SERIES Pt. 2: Aerospace Industry Outlook Under the Coronavirus Pandemic – BUSINESS AVIATION

On the second of this new four-part podcast series, we discuss the operational impact of…