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February 02, 2021

New Report Finds Problems with FAA Unmanned Traffic Management Effort

A Jan. 28 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report said the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) unmanned…

January 26, 2021

FTUAS Key Capabilities Include Runway Independence, Army Says

The Army’s Future Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (FTUAS) will fill a gap in current UAS…

January 04, 2021

PrecisionHawk on 2020 Lessons and What’s to Come in 2021

The integration of drones into the national airspace is approaching quickly as companies are developing…

December 15, 2020

How the Airbus VSR700 Drone is Moving Closer to Autonomously Landing on Navy Ships

Global navies are closer to having a tactical unmanned aerial system (UAS) with autonomous takeoff…

October 29, 2020

FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft System Remote ID Service Could be Ready This Year

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) might be able to initiate remote identification (ID) service for…

August 14, 2019

US Army Plans Addition of Ka Band for Gray Eagle to Bolster Communications

The U.S. Army plans to add Ka-band satellite communications capability for its fleet of General…