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May 23, 2021

What’s Trending in Aerospace – May 23, 2021

Check out the May 23 edition of What's Trending in Aerospace, where editors and contributors…

September 29, 2019

Ball Aerospace, Microsoft to Demonstrate Cloud Processing for US Air Force

Ball Aerospace and Microsoft were selected to demonstrate agile cloud processing capabilities in support of the U.S. Air Force‘s…

September 07, 2018

What is Beyond Next-Gen in Aviation?

A panel of aviation industry experts discussed cutting-edge technologies and where the industry needs to…

September 13, 2017

US, Canadian Tech Innovation Effort Expands Initiatives with Microsoft Support

The Cascadia Innovation Corridor has introduced a suite of new initiatives, Microsoft Corp. said. Announcements…

August 24, 2017

Microsoft Tests Artificial Intelligence on its Drone in Nevada

Microsoft is testing artificial intelligence on a 16.5-foot, 12.5-pound sailplane in Nevada, the Nevada Institute…