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October 28, 2021

Archer Aviation VP of Design Talks Developing a Human-centric eVTOL

With just over two years remaining until Archer Aviation's goal of having a four-passenger electric…

July 25, 2021

What’s Trending in Aerospace – July 25, 2021

Check out the July 25 edition of What's Trending in Aerospace, where editors and contributors…

February 11, 2021

United Airlines Forms Partnership with Archer to Purchase 200 eVTOL Aircraft

United Airlines and Archer Aviation announced a partnership that will leverage the international carrier's aviation…

May 21, 2020

Archer Aviation Officially Enters the Electric Air Taxi Race

Another well-capitalized startup has officially entered the passenger air taxi arena. Archer Aviation, previously reported…

April 06, 2020

This Stealth Air Taxi Startup Is Driving Up the Cost of UAM Engineers

A stealth-mode startup working on electric aircraft is luring engineering talent away from other urban…