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FAA Awards Supplemental Type Certificate to Garmin GI 275 for Part 25 Aircraft

By John Pullen | January 20, 2023
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Southeast Aerospace, Garmin, and Peregrine recently announced that the Garmin GI 275 Electronic Flight Instrument has been approved by the FAA for installation on Part 25 aircraft. (Photo: Southeast Aerospace)

Southeast Aerospace, Garmin, and Peregrine have recently announced that their new product, the Garmin GI 275 3.125-inch round display Electronic Flight Instrument, has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration for installation on Part 25 aircraft. This instrument promises to be a cost-effective replacement of both mechanical and electronic standby instruments.

The benefits of this upgraded cockpit instrument are best summarized by Luke Gomoll, an Aircraft Sales Representative for Southeast Aerospace. He explained, “The Garmin GI 275 ESI elevates the cockpit. Display clarity, brightness, data presentation, and data accuracy are all leveled up massively with the GI 275 compared to legacy electronic standby instruments. Obsolescence of older ESIs is really a secondary reason to upgrade to the GI 275, and we think that the GI 275 ESI has enough merit on its own to justify upgrades of non-obsolete equipment as well.”

This new instrument has virtually all of the features of its predecessor, including traditional knob controls, while now offering a modernized look and a glass touchscreen display that is readable even in intense sunlight. Despite advancements like this, it can still be mounted in the cockpit in a standard 3 ⅛-inch round cut out. In addition to its touchscreen, the GI 275 is also compatible with more than 1,000 aircraft models. It displays attitude while saving weight and costs associated with maintenance, since the attitude indicator is driven by ADAHARS rather than a heavier vacuum pump. Furthermore, it displays altitude and airspeed (integrated into one display), connects cockpits to built-in Wi-Fi, features Bluetooth technology, and boasts an hour worth of backup battery power. This improved device can also be integrated with autopilot while providing precise information regarding an aircraft’s location and position.

The Garmin GI 275 can help under challenging circumstances for pilots. If paired with the GTN Xi series navigator, it enables Smart Glide. In the event of an engine failure, this program can help pilots land by finding nearby airports and creating a direct route for a timely and safe touchdown. Furthermore, it accepts speed and distance indications along with inputs for VOR/LOC.

Moving forward, the Garmin GI 275 will be able to replace aging ESI instruments on a variety of Part 25 aircraft. While this aircraft category includes larger types like the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 family, it also includes a considerable amount of business jets like the Cessna Citation 550/560/560XL, the Gulfstream G200/GIV/GV, the Falcon 50, Lear 60, and many more. Because this instrument is mounted on the cockpits of a wide variety of aircraft, it seems operators, pilots, and passengers alike can enjoy the cost efficiency, convenience, and safety this new instrument has to offer the industry.

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