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eVTOL Company Jetson Has Sold Out All 2022 Production

Jetson, a Swedish eVTOL company, announced that it sold out of all units that will be produced in 2022. The first buyers will receive their Jetson ONE this fall. (Photo: Jetson)

Swedish eVTOL company Jetson has sold out all of its 2022 production of the Jetson ONE. The company recorded 100 units sold since the official launch on October 21, 2021, in addition to more than 3,000 pre-orders. In 2022, Jetson will initiate its first round of external fundraising, and the first aircraft will be delivered sometime this fall.

Jetson co-founder and president, Peter Ternstrom, described the Jetson ONE as “a high-performance motorcycle for the sky” in an interview with Avionics International. The aircraft weighs 190 pounds (86 kilos), and two of its key features are the flight computer and the programming that are both custom-built for it. Safety is a top priority, as is ease of use. “You can lose an engine and continue flying,” remarked Ternstrom. He explained that it is incredibly easy to fly the Jetson ONE; “It helps you to land—it always executes a perfect landing.” 

The Jetson ONE weighs about 190 pounds. (Photo: Jetson)

The 2023 model is expected to have an increased flight time of 24 minutes. While the airframe, motors, and computers will stay mostly the same, explained Ternstrom, future improvements in battery technology will result in longer flight times for each iteration of the Jetson ONE. The model produced in 2024, for example, could have a flight time of 28–30 minutes.

The total number of orders for the Jetson ONE just reached 228, with two to five new orders coming in each day, Ternstrom said. The team is building 10 prototypes for testing, ensuring safety, and further improving the software. “We’re going to test everything to make it a great, safe flight experience before we go to mass production, which we are going to do in the second half of 2023.”

Total units ordered just reached 228, and there have been over 3,000 pre-orders made so far. (Photo: Jetson)

Jetson’s Head of Communication, San Sunner, shared in an emailed statement to Avionics that the eVTOL is constructed with “a unique safety cell around the pilot using modern production techniques like 3D printing and computer simulations.” She also remarked that the company’s goals for this year include expanding the R&D division as well as opening a new production and test facility. 

Each year, as urban areas become more and more crowded, the costs of expanding public transport and maintaining roads increases. Jetson’s long-term vision, Ternstrom said, is to make big cities better places to live in. Within the next 15 to 20 years, they hope to move 50% of street traffic into the air. “Jetson is not here to build just the Jetson ONE,” he commented. Jetson’s current eVTOL model is the perfect product for customers who are very early adopters because it is enjoyable to operate and it is not extremely complex, so it can be brought to market very quickly to help the company gain market and brand recognition.

Jetson was founded by Tomasz Patan, Chief Technical Officer (left), and Peter Ternstrom, President (right).

Ternstrom envisions that in six years or so, the company will develop a luxury two-seater aircraft that will be much more complex in its construction. In ten years, they may create an aircraft to replicates the concept of the standard four-passenger car in the air. It would need to be affordable for an upper-middle-class family, he added.

Jetson’s eVTOL is designed to execute a safe landing every time. (Photo: Jetson)

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