FAA Grants New Bell 505 Flight Deck Lighting STC

Aero Dynamix's lighting-enhanced flight deck. (Aero Dynamix)

Aero Dynamix’s lighting-enhanced flight deck. (Aero Dynamix)

The FAA has issued Aero Dyanamix, Inc. (ADI) a new STC for a Bell 505 night vision avionics lighting system.

ADI manufactures edge-lit panels, circuit-breaker packages and does any modifications necessary to customer equipment for compatibility before returning it to the customer and their choice of shop to do the install, which should take no more than 40 hours, according to Stu Parker, Aero ADI’s sales and marketing manager.

“Any MRO, avionics shop, repair station can do it,” he said. “We provide a full technical data packet that tells you what needs to be removed and brought to us for modification… If it takes anyone longer than 40 hours, you’ve got the wrong shop.”

The total process should take six to ten weeks, Parker said, depending on how busy ADI is and what the exact needs of the customer are. Every cockpit is a little different, he said, so the first step is getting pictures so ADI can determine what exactly will be needed and provide a quote.

The Bell 505 is a new entrant to the market, and ADI is happy to get in early on what the company sees as a growth opportunity, according to COO Tonka Hufford.

“As this new platform is gaining popularity in the market place we are excited to be able to offer our customers the best NVIS lighting solution possible,” Hufford said. “Our team is very proud of this modification and once again provided the superior solution in both night and daytime instrument readability for our customers.”

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