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Thales Provides Security Suite for Expanded Oman Airport

An Airbus A321 in service to Airblue stopped in Muscat International Airport. (Stephen J Mason Photography, CC 2.0)

Thales is providing its airport operation control center suite of security solutions for the new terminal of Oman’s Muscat International Airport. The airport saw a 17% year-over-year growth up to 14 million passengers; The country’s National Strategy for Tourism 2040 expects more growth going forward, making the new terminal—and up-to-date security technologies a priority.

The new 143-acre terminal brings the airport’s capacity to 20 million passengers per year. To secure it, Thales is supplying video surveillance with video analytics, E-gates, security checkpoints, screening equipment, perimeter intrusion detection equipment, access control and an IT suite that manages operations as well as integration and communications between systems. The infrastructure is complemented by fully redundant data centers, including the server farms and the storage area network as well as trunked radio systems.

All provided have gone through a total of 45 operational readiness tests incorporating over 26,000 participants.

Last year, Thales implemented the same solution suite in terminal 4 of New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Other airports with the same technology in place include Dubai, Pisa, Madrid and Singapore.

In addition to aiding security, a Thales representative said that the company’s technology is aimed at improving the passenger experience and expediting the security process. Through the use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals, the system tracks passenger wireless devices to gather median time from entrance to exit points for display at TSA security checkpoints, customs, and the indoor taxi queue. That data also allows airport staff to communicate and work to improve the flow of passenger traffic.

“Through our industry-leading solutions, we are ensuring efficient operations and the safety and security of the overall infrastructure as well as that of the passengers,” said Roger Daix, VP of Thales Middle East. “We’d like to thank the authorities in Oman, the Ministry of Transport and Communication of Oman and Public Authority for Civil Aviation as due to our partnership we are able to continue supporting their efforts in the development of major infrastructure projects within the country.”

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