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Many Operators Exempt From Upcoming ICAO Carbon Requirements

By Nick Zazulia | January 16, 2018
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Beginning in 2020, ICAO’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation will require that airlines operating flights between more than 70 participating countries to purchase carbon credits if they fail to comply with mandates. However, fewer than 100 operators in North America are expected to produce enough carbon dioxide to qualify for the program.

Other operators will likely fall below the annual 10,000 metric-ton threshold for CORSIA requirements, according to National Business Aviation Association VP for Regulatory and International Affairs Doug Carr. He cited estimates that current-generation business jet fleets would need to purchase approximately 1 million gallons of fuel to reach 10,000 metric tons.

Flights being conducted for humanitarian purposes and with aircraft weighing less than 12,500 pounds on takeoff are also exempt from CORSIA’s mandate.

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