Honeywell CNX-900 Upgrade Enables Wireless Database Loading

By Staff Writer | October 11, 2017
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The upgrade for Honeywell’s CNX-900 router allows business aviation operators to use wireless database loading, the manufacturer said. Aircraft equipped with Honeywell Primus Epic can, with the update, remotely stage flight navigation databases onto aircraft from Honeywell’s server.

“Traditionally, operators had to bring equipment onboard or strategically plan missions to be home every time they needed to load a database,” said John Peterson, senior director of GoDirect connectivity and flight support services. “Now, with Honeywell’s CNX-900 router, the database can be stored on the CNX-900 over Wi-Fi or cellular remotely anywhere in the world, and customers can easily initiate loading of database.”

The CNX-900 is a cabin network router. Aftermarket upgrades are available for business jets already equipped with Primus Epic, including Gulfstream G650 aircraft. Honeywell said that offerings for other platforms would soon be available.

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