New HUD Completes First Flight on AC-130J

Photo: BAE Systems.

A new head-up display (HUD), the LiteHUD, has completed its first flight on a U.S. Special Operations Command AC-130J aircraft. That flight was followed by flights completed onboard Textron’s Scorpion fighter jet and BAE Systems’ Advanced Hawk demonstrator aircraft.

Manufactured by BAE Systems, the LiteHUD produces the display of flight-critical information directly in a pilot’s line of sight, without obstructing views of the outside world, the company says. The U.K.-based OEM started making the LiteHUD more than two years ago, banking on customer interest from its “off-the shelf” price tag.

“LiteHUD’s achievements in the last year are reinforced by these successful flights and the positive feedback we’ve received from our customers,” said Andy Humphries, director of advanced displays at BAE Systems. “We set out to provide customers with the world’s most advanced digital display capability for trainer aircraft, and LiteHUD is quickly proving to serve an even wider market.”

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