Blue Sky Network, Digital AirWare Partner for Automated Maintenance Data Tracking

By Staff Writer | June 27, 2017
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Crewmember using Blue Sky Network in cockpit. Photo: Blue Sky Network.

Crewmember using Blue Sky Network in a cockpit. Photo courtesy of Blue Sky Network

Blue Sky Network and Digital AirWare have signed a strategic data exchange agreement, Blue Sky Network said. This allows Blue Sky Network to share flight-tracking data with Digital Airware users and use its satcom solutions for real-time cockpit data and voice connectivity.

This agreement will, according to Blue Sky Network, create a new avionics prototype. While Blue Sky Network specializes in Iridium-based satellite tracking and fleet management solutions, Digital AirWare specializes in automated maintenance and asset-tracking services. The goal is to increase safety and operational efficiency for customers in all market segments.

"Over the years, we've been providing excellent service to our clients through our highly customizable, dedicated software as a service platform," said Joaquin Demoreta, CEO and founder of Digital AirWare. "Now, with Blue Sky Network as a strategic data communication partner, our clients who utilize Digital AirWare's maintenance tracking, scheduling and safety-management tools will have access to a whole new level of automation."

Users who use both Blue Sky Network and Digital Airware would not be charged anything extra for the data-sharing service. The two companies are also offering trial product demonstrations through September.

"Our ultimate goal is to increase the safety and operational efficiency for our clients in a cost-effective way," said Kambiz Aghili, CEO of Blue Sky. "This new liaison with digital AirWare is an important step in realizing our broader vision of offering automated and actionable data insights by creating an uninterrupted real-time channel between the cockpit and fleet operations in support and maintenance of the fleet."

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