Airbus Taps Leonardo for German, Spanish Typhoon Fleets

By Staff Writer | June 19, 2017
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BAE Eurofighter Typhoon

BAE Eurofighter Typhoon. File photo

Airbus has contracted Leonardo to provide avionics maintenance for both German and Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon fleets, Leonardo said. The new contracts, worth more than $111.6 million, cover all repairs projected to arise within the next five years. Leonardo is to support the Spanish Ejército del Aire and German Luftwaffe Typhoon jets in partnership with Airbus and Eurofighter.

This follows the recent agreement to provide support for U.K. Typhoon avionics for the next decade. Leonardo said it provides more than 60% of the avionics for the Typhoon as the lead for its radar, defensive aids suite and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance and targeting. It also follows arrangements made with Italy’s air force, which was the first Typhoon operator to procure an availability-based maintenance service arrangement in 2008.

The Typhoon services six customers, with orders from two more.

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