PAL-V Flying Car Readies for Production

By Staff Writer | June 16, 2017
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PAL-V-Liberty Flying Car

Photo: PAL-V

Flying car developer PAL-V has opened a production facility in the Netherlands, the company said. The location is designed to fulfill early orders for its Liberty flying car, commencing production operations immediately.

“Most parts are ordered for the first machines and the first are in house, we will commence construction with an eye on deliveries to our first global clients in 2018 in to 2019,” said Robert Dingemanse, CEO.

PAL-V aims for Liberty to be the “world’s first” EASA-certificated gyroplane. The aviation authority has visited PAL-V headquarters to discuss the program. PAL-V is hopeful for the North American market, noting, “the FAA is aligned with EASA…”

“Naturally we are very excited about this on our side of the Atlantic,” said Mark Jennings-Bates, VP of Sales of PAL-V in North America. “Our clients have put a lot of faith in our ability to execute our business plan and deliver the first flying car into the North American market. This information tacitly shows the progress we are making in that regard.”

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