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Rock Seven Says New Iridium GPS Solution ‘True IoT Device’

By Staff Writer | June 14, 2017
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Rock Seven RockAIR

Photo: Rock Seven

Location communication company Rock Seven now offers RockAIR, a global light aircraft tracking system that uses the Iridium satellite network to deliver GPS position reports.

“Our primary objective is to ensure high availability of tracking service, making the dual-mode operation, back-up battery and alerting feature vital to improving safety,” said Nick Farrell, Rock Seven director. "However, the extra messaging and [Internet of Things/machine-to-machine] functionality complete the package, ensuring that RockAIR users can make the most of the connectivity provided by RockAIR however they want to.”

Rock Seven considers its solution to be ‘a true Internet of Things device.” Its RS-232 port can be used for machine-to-machine data. The system features dual Iridium/GSM operation, back-up battery and integrated SMS/email functionality. Rock Seven said its solution is the only dashboard-mounted tracking system that offers dual-mode functionality over satcom and cellular networks. The company said RockAIR is the only carry-on tracking system for light aircraft that features an integrated backup battery. It can automatically transmit a GPS position every 15 seconds, or every 24 hours, depending on user preference.

“In addition to all the flight following and alert capabilities, being able to use the RockAIR's Bluetooth API provides a very useful platform to connect other in-flight apps for weather, NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) live updates and other operational applications and messaging,” said Dan Mercer, VP and GM of EMEA & Russia for Iridium.

RockAIR is certificated under CE, IC, FCC and DO-160.

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