AirAsia Group Signs Up for Jeppesen EFB Services

By Staff Writer | April 12, 2017
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Jeppesen displays its electronic flight bag services during Navy League's Sea-Air-Space Expo 2017.

Jeppesen displays its electronic flight bag services during Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Expo 2017.

AirAsia Group affiliates are set to fly with Jeppesen electronic flight bag (EFB) services, the Boeing company said. An agreement covers six airlines based in Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

“In a competitive business environment, the AirAsia Group will now experience increased operational efficiency by integrating FliteDeck Pro and tailored digital flight information,” said John Kinsman, VP of Jeppesen Global Sales & Service. “Access to digital charts and operating notes on the ground and in the air will help AirAsia group pilots increase situational awareness and will reduce overall costs through optimized operations.”

The AirAsia Group is to receive tailored digital flight information and FliteDeck Pro on tablets. Jeppesen said the EFB reduces flight preparation time and pilot workload, and enhances situational awareness. The company said that its agreement with AirAsia X, which included EFB services, led to the agreement for AirAsia Group.

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