Nordson Acquires Assets of ACE Production Tech

By S.L. Fuller | January 9, 2017
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Dispensing equipment manufacturer Nordson Corporation has acquired assets of machining manufacturer ACE Production Technologies Inc., Nordson says. With the acquisition, Nordson adds selective soldering capabilities for electronics assembly. ACE is set to operate as a new line of business within Nordson’s Advanced Technology Systems segment. With the new name “Component Tinning Services Inc.,” ACE’s lead tinning business will remain with the sellers.

ACE soldering machine. Photo: ACE Technologies Corporation.

ACE is currently in the process of furthering its penetration in the avionics field. Selective soldering is one way the company is making progress in that regard. As opposed to hand soldering, selective soldering reduces overall processing time and increases quality and efficiency. It is the process of soldering specific components to printed circuit boards and molded modules, Nordson says, often chosen for processes that carry possibility of heat damage by reflow oven or where reliability dictates through-hold mounting.


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