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Boeing, Teledyne Controls to Improve Airplane Software and Data Management

By Veronica Magan | October 20, 2016
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Boeing Operations Center
Boeing Operations Center. Photo: Boeing

[Avionics Magazine 10-20-2016] Boeing and Teledyne Controls have announced that they will combine their ground-based operational data products to create the new Fleetwide Data Manager program, which is expected to be available in late 2017. The goal is to provide a unified solution for airlines to transfer data to and from airplanes more efficiently, across fleet-wide operations, according to the companies.

The new Fleetwide Data Manager from Boeing and Teledyne will focus on the transfer of navigation databases, software updates and Quick Access Recorder (QAR) data between an airline’s maintenance facilities and its airplane fleet. 
“We continually listen to the needs of our customers, and they told us that they are pleased with the functionality of the current Boeing data transfer solution, but many customers use the Teledyne data transfer solution for their legacy, and non-Boeing airplanes,” said Kevin Crowley, vice president of Boeing Digital Aviation. “In teaming with Teledyne, we will resolve this issue by providing best-in-class features from both companies that seamlessly connects mixed-fleet operations.”
Fleetwide Data Manager combines capabilities from Boeing’s Loadable Software Airplane Parts Librarian (LSAPL) with Teledyne’s Loadstar Server Enterprise (LSE) to improve how airlines transmit essential digital data and reduce airplane down time while distributing information on the ground.   
“Transitioning to Fleetwide Data Manager will eliminate our customers’ need to purchase both LSAP Librarian and LSE for full fleet coverage, which reduces software purchase, maintenance and training costs,” said Masood Hassan, president of Teledyne Controls. “This combined approach to the data transfer process will simplify what was a complex issue for airlines and offers a familiar user experience with new features and benefits.”

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