AFI KLM E&M Plans to Mine Big Data to Streamline Airline Operations

By Juliet Van Wagenen | October 14, 2016
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[Avionics Magazine 10-14-2016] AFI KLM Engineering and Maintenance (E&M) is implementing a range of solutions based on exploiting the data from aircraft systems with a view to improving maintenance models and processes, known as Prognos. The solutions aim to capitalize on the the vast amount of data generated by Air France and KLM fleets to develop the Prognos solutions and verify their operational relevance and eventually provide customers with technology solutions that can enable predictive maintenance models.

One example of the application is Prognos Engine Health Monitoring (EHM). This software is being designed to carry out statistical analyses of engine data to enable dynamic monitoring and predict failures using an early warning system, for the fleets of Air France and KLM as well as client airlines. It is part of a series of projects and initiatives focused on Big Data that have already led to operational solutions such as Prognos A380, the early warning and failure monitoring software used for Airbus A380’s systems, which extends the solution to bigger data volumes.
Solutions based on the same approach are currently under development to support a range of other critical aircraft systems and components, including on the Boeing 787.

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