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Kubick Aviation Extends Cessna 441 Compliant Lifespan with Avionics Upgrade

By Juliet Van Wagenen | September 6, 2016
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Cessna 441 that received a life-extending avionics upgrade
Cessna 441 that received a life-extending avionics upgrade. Photo: Kubick Aviation

[Avionics Today 09-06-2016] U.S.-based aviation maintenance and fuel services provider Kubick Aviation, recently completed a successful avionics upgrade on a Cessna 441 aimed at extending the life of the aging aircraft. The Cessna 441 avionics installation is the third in the nation to receive the certification, according to Kubick Aviation.

This decades-old aircraft is one of very few in the country with dual Garmin G600 units and Genesys/S-Tec 2100 DCFS on board; thus, extending the life of the aging aircraft and bringing it to full compliance with a complete refresh of new technology.

“One of the main benefits of this new technology is the safety in adverse flying conditions,” said Chad Kubick, owner of Kubick Aviation. “Recently, the synthetic vision was used for a flight to South America over mountainous regions. By equipping this aircraft with the latest advancements and technology, including full [Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast] ADS-B In and Out compliance, situational awareness, and complete auto-pilot solutions, we’ve breathed new life into an aircraft with more service to give.”

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