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EASA Introduces New Blanket Non-Commercial Aviation Rules

By Juliet Van Wagenen | August 25, 2016
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[Avionics Today 08-25-2016] On Aug. 25, EASA rules addressing non-commercial air operations with airplanes and helicopters came into effect in all 32 EASA states. As of now, a brand new set of rules becomes fully applicable, replacing the existing national regulations in the field of air operations. This means that instead of fragmented rules in each of the 32 EASA states there will be a coherent, modern and updated European standard, applicable from Iceland to Cyprus and from Portugal to Finland.

The new European rules replace the existing national rules. Even though the rules are newly introduced in Europe, the majority of their content is based on the ICAO requirements. Therefore, the states that were already compliant with ICAO will have no difficulty adjusting to the new legislative framework.

To provide proportionate rules, the agency established two different sets of rules for non-commercial operations depending on the complexity of the aircraft operated. For the operation of non-complex aircraft, proportionate, basic safety rules apply (Part-NCO). For the operation of complex aircraft — airplanes and helicopters — more advanced safety rules apply (Part-NCC and partly Part-ORO), particularly taking into account that complex aircraft may carry a larger number of passengers and usually require professional teams for their operations.

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