Fellow Finnish Companies Join Finnair Regional Flying Joint Venture

By Juliet Van Wagenen | January 8, 2015
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A Flybe flight. Photo: Flybe

[Avionics Today 01-08-2014] Finnish companies Staffpoint and GWS will soon become shareholders in a Finnair’s Joint Venture (JV) Flybe, which focuses on regional flying. Finnair has signed a letter of intent with StaffPoint Holding and G.W. Sohlberg, in accordance with which Flybe U.K.’s 60 percent ownership of the Flybe Nordic joint venture will be transferred to StaffPoint and GWS. Once Finnish authorities approve the sale, StaffPoint’s ownership in the joint venture will be 45 percent, GWS’s 15 percent and Finnair’s 40 percent. The transaction price is 1 euro.

“We have been analyzing this industry for some time, and we see potential in it. The industry is growing, and it is labor intensive. Air traffic has a strong positive impact on the Finnish economy and supports Finnish employment. With our experience in human resources, we want to play a role in the future of the industry. We employ over 14,000 people every year, and we believe that, as shareholders, we can add value to Flybe Finland,” said Mika Kiljunen, CEO of StaffPoint Group.

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