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NASA, Rockwell Collins Studying Single Pilot Ops

By Woodrow Bellamy III  | December 22, 2014
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[Avionics Today 12-22-2014] NASA has selected Rockwell Collins to serve as the lead research firm for its Single Pilot Operation program. According to Rockwell Collins, the program encompasses research that is exploring concepts and technology for crew capacity, ground support and automation on commercial airlines. 
Rockwell Collins’ Advanced Technology Center will be teaming with NASA to conduct research for the Single Pilot Operation program. Photo: Rockwell Collins. 
“The aviation industry has been looking at the potential for single-pilot operations for quite some time to address concerns about future pilot shortages, but there are a number of technical, certification, and policy considerations that must be addressed along the way,” said John Borghese, vice president, Advanced Technology Center for Rockwell Collins.  “Social acceptability must also be considered.”
Academic partners California State University, Long Beach, and the University of Iowa are also working with Rockwell Collins and NASA under the program to research crew resource management and physiological monitoring technologies.

The contract is already in effect and will continue through September 2015, Rockwell Collins said. There is also the potential for follow-on awards for additional research.  

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