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Japan Airlines Improves Load Planning 

By gguarino | April 1, 2014
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[Avionics Today April 1, 2014] Japan Airlines is improving its load planning process with the purchase of NetLine/Load from Lufthansa Systems.
The system can process nearly 1,000 flights daily, and helps provide operators with an optimal distribution of baggage and cargo onboard the aircraft resulting in higher payload with lower fuel consumption. NetLoad also consolidates all relevant load parameters [regulations, technical data and passenger, baggage, cargo, mail, operational flight planning and flight dispatch information] by calculating the optimum weight and trim conditions. 

"During the very first days of live operations with NetLine/Load, we recorded a drastic increase of productivity in our operations center in Haneda," explained Said Kiyoshi Marukawa, executive officer of airport operations at Japan Airlines. "NetLine/Load makes our handling processes much more efficient. This is an important element of our future operational strength. 

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