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NetJets Adds Tempus IC to Bombardier Fleet

By gguarino | December 5, 2013
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NetJets is adding a new device, the Tempus IC, to its fleet of midsize and large-cabin business jets that will enable flight crews and passengers to communicate with medical experts with minutes of a medical incident occurring on board. 
The Tempus IC, developed by London-based telemedicine specialist RDT, uses the aircraft’s satellite communications capability to connect with a doctor on the ground in the event of a medical emergency. First introduced in 2011, the device features a touchscreen interface, wireless headset and integral camera with functions that provide real-time video, voice and clinical grade vital sings including blood pressure, pulse and temperature. 

"This kind of control over a medical emergency is paramount when you may only have minutes to act,” said Graham Murphy, chief executive at RDT. “This exciting technology allows doctors to see exactly what is happening with the patient on the aircraft and help the crew deal with a possible emergency swiftly and based on medical fact.” 

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