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Airbus, Eurocopter to Simulate Impact of Construction on Paris Airport

By gguarino | July 8, 2013
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Airbus ProSky and Eurcopter have formed a new agreement to study the impact of pending construction on the grounds of Paris – Le Bourget Airport. 
Under the agreement, Eurocopter will assist in the use of Airbus ProSky’s Exact Landing Interference Simulation Environment (ELISE) simulator to model and validate pending construction at the airport. The simulation will focus on the impact that the construction of six cranes at the airport will have on the signals received by arriving aircraft. 
"This is a great opportunity for Airbus ProSky to help Eurocopter ensure superior safety at Paris – Le Bourget. ELISE has the highest level of 3-D simulation accuracy and will allow Eurocopter to commence construction without interfering with operations in low visibility conditions," said Paul-Franck Bijou, CEO, Airbus ProSky. 

The two companies did not state when they’re planning to launch the new simulation project.

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