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FreeFlight Radar Altimeter Selected for Eclipse 550

By Tish Drake | May 31, 2013
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Eclipse Aerospace will use the FreeFlight Systems RA-4000 radar altimeter system as standard equipment for the new production Eclipse 550s.

The system, which integrates with the Avio Integration Flight Management Systems, includes the RAD-40 panel-mounted display for altitude pre-select and altimeter readout and an audio alerting for altitude and other aircraft conditions.

“The precision and quality of the FreeFlight Systems radar altimeter make it an excellent match to complement the advanced avionics of the Eclipse 550 jet,” said Mason Holland, Eclipse Aerospace CEO. “It also fits our comprehensive approach to making the Eclipse jet the most efficient and the most technologically advanced solution for business and personal transportation.”

“Eclipse and FreeFlight Systems share a philosophy of delivering high-performance and affordable systems for productive, enjoyable and safe flying,” said Tim Taylor, president and CEO of FreeFlight Systems. “The high performance of our Radar Altimeters coupled with their small size, easy installation and seamless integration with the Eclipse 550 jet will provide real benefits to Eclipse Aerospace and its customers.

The RA-4000 and RA-4500 radar altimeters are certified to TSO-C87 and ETSO-2C87 and meet or exceed DO-160F and DO-178B Level C standards.

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