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Golden Myanmar Airlines Selects Lufthansa Nav Charts

By Tish Drake | January 15, 2013
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Golden Myanmar Airlines, which began operations at the start of this year, will be using the navigation charts provided by Lufthansa Systems’ Lido/RouteManual systems, under a five-year contract announced Tuesday.

The Lufthansa Systems navigation charts are generated directly from the company’s Lido navigation database. The charts display true-to-scale geographic information such as terrain features and rivers. They also include airport taxiway charts, approach and take-off charts, and a seamless worldwide route chart.

"Being a young start-up airline, it was especially important to us to provide our pilots with the best information possible in a clear and comprehensible layout right from the very start,” said Cap. Gilbert Randle, chief pilot of Golden Myanmar Airlines.

Golden Myanmar Airlines commenced flight operations at the start of 2013. It currently operates two aircraft but plans to expand its fleet in both short haul and medium range after 2013.

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