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Luma Receives FAA Approval for King Air LED Panels

By gguarino | October 15, 2012
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Luma Technologies has received FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) for its Lumatech line of LED caution/warning panels installed on King Air 200, 300, 350, 350i and 1900D aircraft.

The Bellevue, Wash. manufacturer said its sister company Advanced Quality Certifications Group (AQCG) holds the Supplemental Type Certificate for installing the two-panel suites on the approved King Air aircraft.

(King Air Panels, photos courtesy of Luma)

Additionally, the data package submitted by Luma for the STC and PMA covers multiple installations adaptable to various display systems such as the Hawker Beechcraft Proline21 and the Garmin G1000 package.

“Once you've seen how quick and easy it is to install, combined with the dramatic gains in lighting and overall appearance; it gets moved right to the top of the ‘To Do’ list. Throw in the increased reliability, low heat, and a five year warranty and you can't go wrong,” said Bruce Maxwell, president of Luma.

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